Naga Windmaster 💨

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I was very excited to receive 2 “Naga Windmaster” cards as a part of my end of the season rewards! It is a rare card. One of the new rewards cards. I love the design and abilities!

@flauwy sums Naga Windmaster like this:

Finally, we are getting some counter-ability against the strong ranged teams, with Headwinds, which reduces all ranged attacks by 1. After we had the equivalent debuff abilities for Magic and Melee already, this is a great addition to the Meta strategy of Splinterlands.

It also introduces Shatter and Poison to the water splinter, making the Windmaster a really nice and cheap addition to your blue teams. Since he comes with ranged attack himself, he will have good chances to survive against Magic Reflect monsters like Lord Arianthus, who are popular tanks these days.

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I got my first wind master at the end of season rewards and I’ve been using it a fair bit lately quite handy I’m sure I’ll use it even more once I can level it up

This card sounds cool. I haven't really used mine yet because it's not a high enough level, but I'm excited to try it in a tournament or when I get it closer to max level.

I got the same card yesterday and was wondering what Headwinds ability means, thanks for explanation 👍

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