Come Join the New Splinterlands Show - Monster Maverick!

in #spt10 months ago

Monster Maverick Image

After much stalling, I am finally starting my show on the #palnet discord called.. Monster Maverick! And I hope you'll come join me.

We will be talking all things Splinterlands like top battles, what we are seeing in the meta-game, new developments, the markets and economics, and whatever else you all want to talk about in the hour we have together.

My show will immediately follow our illustrious founder @aggroed's Random Ass Radio show at 3 AM UTC.

If you've never been, the palnet discord has shows all throughout the week that are interactive broadcasts that cover all sorts of topics. You can check out the weekly schedule (all times in UTC) on the mspwaves site here:


Need a link to the discord channel? I got you

So come one, come all and stay for the memes.


Good luck with the show Neal. Bit late for me in the UK but I am sure it will be popular.

Are you starting this Sunday?

Yep, tonight (my time) will be the first episode.

I'd rather do it earlier, but there's that whole "work" thing that I do for at least the next couple months.

Thanks for the confirmation Neal - will include in today's Steem News post that is going out just now.

Ha ... this should be fun :)

That's the plan!

Just not a suitable time for Europeans :)

Yeah, someone has to be sleeping

I don't know much about the game but it seems to be on the cusp of large scale adoption as it is expending into other blockchains. I'd like to invest in it by buying cards and renting them out because I'm not interested in playing it. Is that a good idea in your opinion? If so, what cards should I consider?

Come to the show and find out!

That would be a whole show in itself..
There are a lot of options, but for someone who is not playing, the reward cards that are running out of print are a great investment (not all of them, but the useful ones). Like the pirate archer, wood nymph, brownie, they will rise in price as soon as the print stops, which will be pretty soon.