Bought some @splinterlands plots....

in #spt6 months ago


I wasn't sure if I wanted to or not when I saw the original post announcement for the splinterlands land sale. I haven't put much into the game in a long time as i have done that in the past and have just been accumulating.

Then I was sitting there today and saw it was on in 40 minutes. I had built up a nice block of Dec which was sitting on the market at the time and fomo happened.

Ended up buying 20 plots of lands and was lucky to get them. The sale plots were blown through in 30 seconds and it was a matter of luck and timing to get some. Luckily I was fast of the mark and will see how all of this plays out and how I will put them to use.

Either that or sell but buying at 50% discount will hopefully net me profit somewhere down the line. Not a bad days work since I was too busy to do much else this week online.


What will the plots give you?

Land cards will be able to produce other cards for items like weapons and stuff.

Uhh, thats nice!

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Congrats on snagging your 20 plots!

Thanks. I wasn't going to and then was online just before the land sale and couldn't help myself. It should be a good call in the long run.

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