Some SteemMonster Investments

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This is my first season in SteemMonsters and I can't believe i put off playing the game for so long. It was probably because i didn't want to spend so much time on the game (you don't have to) but also because i didn't want to spend that $10 ( i should have).

As the game and economy continue to grow, i think there's no point delaying, especially since the price of Steem continues to fall. Longer term, i'm starting to have more faith in SteemMonsters than Steem.

The Investments

Longer term, i'll probably have to invest in summoners to make it to the Gold League and beyond but for now, i've bought two legendary cards that have made the climb to Silver II a lot easier and also the game a lot more enjoyable.

Say what you want but losing 10 games in a row with basic cards is not fun at all.

Legendary Cards


Both cards have been very helpful, Ruler of the Seas probably more so. The Minotaur Warlord is a good one to have against magic users. Hopefully the fact that they're legendary also means that they keep their valuation better over time.

Untamed Packs


Bought 3 Untamed Packs. Hopefully the cards in them, which will have at least a rare one, will be worth the $2 each. So far, my impression has been that cards less than epic tend to be worth little at least when they're only level 1.

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Welcome to the game. The more the merrier.
Ruler of the Seas is great early on; in the higher leagues he dies a little too easily to magic reflect.
I sent you some reward and promo cards. See you out there :)

Thank you very much for the cards! I'm sure they'll help with the climb.

Yes, even in Silver II i'm seeing the Ruler's effectiveness drop to a Prismatic Energy.

Another tip that might be useful. If you buy cards, do it using you will get an instant 3% cashback if you pay with Steem or SBD. Especially if you buy higher level summoners (which are usually way more value compared to buying single cards) or golden cards it makes a big difference.

I just bought a golden furious chicken (best card to get +10% extra DEC rewards)

Also, if you sell cads do it using peakmonsters as they undercut the fee that steemmonsters takes when doing it from the steemmonsters site.

Thank you very much for the cards and the tip, @costanza! I hadn't heard about the 3% cashback. Will be very useful.

Good luck getting started with Steemmonster @numpypython !
I had a quick look at you collection so far and leased a couple of basic cards that might help you get going.

2 fairly cheap cards I would recommend getting is the armorsmith (0.18$) along with the Silvershield Paladin (0.36$) for the Life deck. The shield regeneration pretty much crushes all non-magic decks.

Enjoy the game, the start and trying to get up there (resisting the temptation to throw money at it to win) learning all the rules is a fun part. Once you are at a certain rank it becomes much more a daily grind with some earnings and card rewards as the most fun part :)