Steem Monsters - My last battle and daily reward - 14 Jul 2019

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Hello, Splinters

I just managed to get into the Golden III league and for the end of the season will be rewarded with 22 cards. Almost every season I get to Gold III, because of my week summoners. I should upgrade them to move forward. But i hope to have some nice drop with golden ones.


Here is my last battle.
and #battle link:

Today I finished my quest very fast, only with 5 losses because my Earth Summoner is level 3 and have more powerful cards in this deck.

And here is my reward. I have 4 level of All cards that I got today and it's pointless to upgrade with these weak summoners.


Hope tomorrow gets better ones. Wish you all the best guys and:

Keep playing!


The Wood Nymph is a useful card but some gold/legendary cards would be nice also!

Yes, the drop wasn't so bad. I like the Pirate Archer :)

One of my favorites when used with Selenia :)