Fallen Specter Giveaway

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Fallen Specter giveaway

This bugger can be very useful indeed. But you do need the one extra life to give him at least 2 turns. He is very good to use for Taking Sides(Neutral Monsters may not be used in battles) and Little League(Only Monsters & Summoners that cost 4 Mana or less may be used in battles.) for less chance of magic reflect. Death Splinter is doing well in the Champions League since Corrupted Pegasus is in play. And Fallen Specter does his fair chare. Not to forget the Undead Archer. Hope untamed brings some new Death Power to the battlefield.

For the new people this is what you need to do to make a chance to win this Fallen Specter:

💬 Comment and you will enter the #splinterlands magic wheel.

You can earn extra entries by:

📧 Resteeming this Post
👉 Tagging a not already tagged fellow addict


Winner of the Ruler of the Sea

The following 53 unique digital entities were willing to put their signature down upon blockchain stone to make a chance to win the one and only true Ruler of all Seas. Thank you all!!

@bitandi, @blog-beginner, @chekohler, @chireerocks, @chrismadcboy2016, @cicisaja, @coffeedrinker112, @coyotelation, @ctrpch, @darthgexe, @dragonblades, @dune69, @elemental010, @erixink, @gamemods, @golddeck, @gregory-f, @guchtere, @guurry123, @handtalk5, @ikrahch, @jeremycrow, @jonnyla08, @julisavio, @karenmckersie, @kargul09, @khimgoh, @koskl, @lammbock, @lozio71, @maxgolden, @mimismartypants, @monster-curator, @monsterbuster, @mrnightmare89, @olaexcel, @pandaparker, @pardinus, @pataty69, @rajib2k5, @register50, @rentmoney, @sanjeev021, @simplymike, @soyrosa, @steevc, @thegoliath, @threejay, @tillysfamilyfarm, @tsnaks, @viniciotricolor, @wonderwop and @yorra❣️

Also a shout out to the upvoters making this all a much more pleasant event!

And the winner is.....


And the lucky one is @monsterbuster! Water Quests will be much easier now. Congratulations.

Have a great week and meet you on the other side!



Please enter me for this giveaway. I will tag @shyaren.

Hey @rentmoney are you all over this contest?

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What would you think about another play @soyrosa?🙃 Maybe @dboontje is interested to play this one with his death deck too?

Thanks for giveawsy.
I don't have this legendary reward card in my collection, so this is s chance to get it.
Resteemed upvoted and tagging @harpreetjanda

Awe 😭

Tagging @monsterbuster

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I'll give it a shot again on this round.

tagging @coffeedrinker112

I am tagging

Always in need of an additional legendary.


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Upvoted, my friend. I’d love that legendary card❤️!!! I am tagging my sweet sis@kerrislravenhill!!!

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someone had to win so congrats @monsterbuster.

I will take my chances with the Fallen specter, tagging @chekohler

Tagging @senstless.
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Fallen specter would be awesome. Tagging @cryptkeeper17


Thank you very much for these giveaways

Another great giveaway, @pacolimited. I think @akomoajong would be interested in the giveaway too.

I actually started to like to play the Death splinter these last couple of weeks. Pegasus really makes it a lot stronger

I wouldn't mind getting another one of these. I've only got one and it's not very useful at the moment. Definitely needs that level up as you said. Thanks for doing these giveaways!

I need the card to level up thanks for give away @sm-treefrog may intereted

I'm in

Thanks for the giveaway and tagging @pedrocanella 😊

I would love a chance at this great card. Tagging @bengy 🤞

Perhaps @bozz might be interested? But I want it!

Oh, I would love this card. I choose to tag @slobberchops!

I'll tag @sparkesy43 since they're the one that brought this cool giveaway to my attention.

These images of yours are so cool and trippy!

Thanks! 🙏🙏

Tagging @ravisarikonda.

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feeling lucky?

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i tag @d-vine

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Thank you for the Fallen Specter @pacolimited you're awesome! 👍

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