Splinterlands Essence Orb Giveaway!

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Essence Orb Giveaway!

This weeks giveaway will be an Essence Orb!! Some really great cards in there. My favorite is the Mermaid Healer. Really love triage. Saved my life a lot of times!

To make a chance to win this Essence Orb all you have to do is:

💬 Comment and you will enter the #splinterlands magic wheel.

If you want to influence the future a little bit you can earn extra entries by:

📧 Resteeming this Post
👉 Tagging a fellow addict

Winner Beta Booster Pack

🙏Thanks for engaging:🙏
@akomoajong, @axeman, @battlegames, @bitcoinflood, @broxi, @chireerocks, @cranium, @cryptictruth, @darthgexe, @detour, @dogcatcowpig, @dwingsworld, @fitinfun, @gatolector, @gillianpearce, @gregan, @gregory-f, @handtalk5, @improv, @itharagaian, @javiermurillo, @lammbock, @lozio71, @mango-juice, @marisenpai, @mickvir, @minimining, @pardinus, @r1s2g3, @saleg25, @samsemilia7, @sashas, @sczed, @stokjockey, @stranger27, @taintedblood, @thinkkniht, @wonderwop and @yonilkar

And the winner is....

Screen Recording 7272019 82115 AM.gif

@gillianpearce Congratulations! Hope this booster pack brings you something nice. Prince Renynn maybe? Who knows… Please let us know what’s in this pack if you are going to open it. Good luck!

Thank you for your time and have a great weekend!


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i'm in

Great giveaway.

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I like that wheel animation GG, hope I could win such an orb one day ;)
Tagging @florenceboens

I am in.

Yes Please

woot woot ;)

Wow. That's very exciting @pacolimited. Thank you so much. 😁

I won't be opening it for now. I'll probably save it for when I have some potions.

Resteemed and tagging @scrooger.

Thanks for the giveaway! Tagging @pataty69

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Maybe @estimatedprophet might join in. 🤞

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Good luck to everyone

Good luck to everyone

Hey, I want to play this roulette. @rael5 Don't you want to play this roulette too?

I'm not usually one for giveaways, but since I started my own ill take a chance on yours.

Hey @stokjockey, you love all this stuff too.

Consider me in
Tagging @olivia
Resteemed and uovoted also

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Upvoted, thanks for the giveaway !

#spt #battle #palnet #neoxian #steemace

I'm in
Tagging @sayalijain

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Count me in too! I've resteemed and I'm tagging @scrooger.

im in and ima tag @ceser.oat

tagging @lottje

I have both potions active and waiting for this orb! ;)

tagging @xawi.

Thanks for chans

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I’m in, I tag @bynarikode

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What a cool giveaway contest! Tagging @rollie1212

I'm in
Tagg @marianaemilia

Count me in

Resteemed and thanks for the chance!!

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Count me in! Tagging @liberidallavoro

Good Luck yall

They saved my butt plenty and got me out of a losing streak

tagging @gamercrypto

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Mermaid Healer 😍
Tagging @sashas

I'm in
tagging @dragonblades

tagging -@minhaz007

I am in 😅😅😅😅 @gatolector join the game

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I am in

Count me in
Tagging @akomoajong

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I'm in for this once again. Tagging @vimukthi

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Resteemed. Tag @obelus

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tagging @byzanantinist for it.

My favorite is the Mermaid Healer
Tagging @javiermurillo

Nice, thanks for sharing.

Spinning the wheel again

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@pacolimited, I am in.

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Congratulations @pacolimited!
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I'm in

I'm in
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I'm in
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Thanks for hosting great giveaways for my favourite game on the blockchain! Resteeeeemed!


I’m in, I tag @maxgolden

I'm in
Tagging @posthero

I am in. Tagg @minishark

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