Splinterlands Sacred Unicorn Giveaway!

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Sacred Unicorn Giveaway!

You better get out of this self-healing trampling Unicorn's way if you want to live. It might look cute but its horn will split you in two!

To make a chance to win this Sacred Unicorn all you have to do is:

💬 Comment and you will enter the #splinterlands magic wheel.

You can earn extra entries by:

📧 Resteeming this Post
👉 Tagging a fellow addict

Winner Black Dragon

🙏Big thank you to:🙏
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And the winner is....


Congratulations @newageinv! the Black Dragon is on its way.

Thank you for your time and meet you on the other side!



Good giveaway

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That's great, I need one more to level the unicorn up :)
@hetty-rowan maybe you're interested as well? since you started to love the unicorn today haha..

Oh yes it's my hero! My little pony!

Yeah! Great giveaway man! Resteemed of course!! Tagging

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Awesome! Thanks for the chance. Tagging @gerber


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What an awesome giveaway! Tagging @wonderwop

Thank you @sumatranate 🙏

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Your giveaways are super generous !!

@cryptofiloz join this

Grats @newageinv!!
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I am in @chekohler

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Wow! I couldn't believe it! Thanks! tagging @gamercrypto

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A nice addition to my collection,😁 will re steem too

I’m so down for my own unicorn

Great!! Taggin @johndoer123

Awesome deal brother!!! Thanks for the give away. I tag @dunatos, and if i win give my unicorn to him.

Great giveaway.

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Thanks for sharing the Unicorn. Tagging my friend @pachu and resteeming!

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Unicorn <3

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Consider me in
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Oh yes yes yes ... I love the unicorn, it's my little pony, my hero ... LOL

Tagging @karinxxl in this ... the unicorn is great!

Nice card for the light splinter @klipto

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good luck all

This is one that my life squad really needs because my life squad is totally going nowhere still!

I tag @hans in this one to also make it happen!


My SM user: javiermurillo
tag: @sashas

I'm curious, if two unicorns get together they will have little unicorns, until I complete my deck? jijij
tagging: @lordwinty

Good luck to everyone again ^^

@pacolimited, I am in.

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One of my favourite cards! Tagging @pataty69

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I'm in tagging @matheusggr

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Cool, I'm taggin @anrux

Crossing fingers

Great card ^^ good luck to everyone

Good luck everyone. Upvoted also!

awesome giveaway