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Well, not exactly mean... but fierce in battle for sure! This week's theme for Splinterlands Battle Contest is one of the cards I use more often from the Earth Splinter: the Earth Elemental!


This card is just awesome:

  • very low mana, only 3!
  • starts with 6 health and rises to 8, and gains heal in level 4
  • 3 ranged attack, a decent attack for this mana!

With these stats, is useful in so many rulesets, that I think it's probably one of the most versatile cards in the splinter. Its only flaw? Low speed. But even that can be an advantage, in the reverse speed ruleset!

Being so versatile, it's harder to say where I use it the most; I place it normally at the second or last position, depending if I'm expecting more snipe or sneak attacks. Second place has the added bonus of still absorving some damage if the main tank goes down, thanks to heal ability; the time we gain for a few extra attacks from the back can be a game changer!

My favourite summoner to use it? Selenia Sky! It adds an extra point to the ranged attack, and if scale doctor is used, it can even get double heal during the game, making it an even greater damage absorver! And the skills I just described were all put to work on this battle:

Water vs Earth

Ruleset: knockout


Used Lord A as my tank, and the Earth elemental got second position exactly to try and absorb some damage from snipe and blast attacks, since I was suspicious the opponent would use water splinter.

The spirit shaman was there because of the stun mainly, to try and take advantage of the extra damage given by the ruleset; vulture would try and get the weaker opponents, the spirit of the forest for the heals and shield, and finally the goblin chef in the back. The idea was to sacrifice him a bit if sneak attacks came, and leave more time for the spirit of forest to act. Fortunately, it wasn't the case!


There were two blast damages, but the earth elemental kept healing and sustained the HP. The magic refleck took its toll on the casters of the opponent team, and the vulture finished the job quickly.


And in round 3, it was actually the earth elemental to deliver the killing blow to the tank! From there, the win was guaranteed!You can see the entire battle here!

Time for the final push before the season ending. Good luck on those rewards, and see you on the battlefield!


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Nice battle. Thanks for sharing.

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Thank you Mr. Monster!

Thanks for sharing! - @marianaemilia

Good job! I also almost always use this card to absorb snipe attacks, in the second or third position after the Failed Summoner, but sometimes when I imagine that the opponent is going to try a double sneak then I put it in the last position. Stay strong in the battle. I wish you luck!

Still need to upgrade my failed summoner, haven't given him much attention but it can be really useful for the low mana. Double luck to you!