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Every week, Splinterlands hosts a "Share Your Battle" challenge in which players are encouraged to use a specific monster in one of their matches. This week, we have been challenged to use Death Elemental. Death Elemental belongs to the Death Splinter, and attacks using magic. This means that his attacks always hit the opponent and they bypass the enemy's armor defenses and reduce their health directly. As an added benefit, Death Elemental has the "Snipe" ability at level 1. In this post, I will discuss my strategy for employing Death Elemental, the results of the match, and my general impressions of the card.

Because the ruleset and Mana cap changes for each Splinterlands match, it is a bad habit to simply field the same lineup every match. Rather, it is a wise strategy to change your team and strategy to take advantage of each match's specific rule set and Mana cap. This match had a Mana cap of 18 and prohibited the use of melee monsters.

The Lineup


I usually place a melee monster in the first position, but since melee attacks were not allowed in this match, I had to change my strategy a bit. Since I was unable to use a melee monster with strong health and armor in the first position, I knew that my primary goal would be trying to protect my monsters from moving into the first position and taking damage. With that in mind, I chose Furious Chicken for the first position monster. Furious Chicken costs 0 Mana and is a good choice for absorbing damage from an opponent's innitla attacks.

Although I knew Furious Chicken would absorb damage from the enemy, I also knew that he would be quickly knocked out due to his low health. So I had to make a decision....Do I chose ranged monsters or magic monsters? Ranged monsters can not attack from the first position, and since I knew that Furious Chicken would be knocked out quickly, I decided to use a magic based team that would be able to continue fighting even if they moved into the first position.

I chose Dark Enchantress as my second position monster because she has the flying ability which I hoped would allow her to dodge enemy attacks and avoid taking damage. Avoiding damage was important not just for Dark Enchantress herself, but also to allow my other monsters to stay in the back and continue dealing damage from the rear.

dark enchangtess.PNG

In third position, I placed Boogeyman. Boogeyman is a great monster because he combines a strong magic attack with the ability to slow down enemy monsters with his "Slow" ability. In last position, I chose Death Elemental to complete the team and field a team that used every possible Mana point.


When I first saw my opponent's team, I was worried because I saw that they had played Divine Healer. Divine Healer's "Tank Heal" ability restores a portion of the first position monster's health each round. This makes it important to take out the enemy's team as quickly as possible. If I didn't take out the opponent's monsters quickly while I had my full team available to deal damage, I could run into a situation where Divine Healer was able to restore more health to the opponent's monster than I was able to deal each round which would surely result in defeat for me.


Thankfully, my monsters and their magic attacks were able to bypass Defender of Truth's armor and attack the health directly. With Defender of Truth Out of the way, my monsters had free reign to slowly pick off the remains members of the opponent's team, and since my opponent put Divine Healer in the third position, her healing ability was rendered ineffective after I removed the first two monsters on the team.

Overall, I am impressed with how my team performed. Death Elemental's "Snipe" ability surely helped my team as he was able to take out the opponent's Creeping Ooze on his first attack. This removed the "Slow" effect from my team and allowed them to quickly eliminate the remainder of my opponent's monsters.

In contrast to Feral Spirit, which I discussed in last week's Share Your Battle Challenge, Death Elemental is one of my favorite low Mana monsters. His magic attacks bypass enemy armor and deal damage directly to health, he has good speed and good health for such a low Mana monster, and his "Snipe" ability is invaluable for targeting monsters that the opponent tries to hide in the middle of their formation.


Thanks for reading!

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Nice use of magic Death monsters, the best way to use magic and sniper is with death elemental.