First crack at a Tournament!

in spt •  11 months ago 

Well lots happened today in my world of Splinterlands! Some good and some not so good, but it was all fun and exciting!

I tried my first two tournaments today and boy was I excited to get in there! But I quickly found out playing a tournament on mobile was a little tricky at first. I didn’t realize I needed to turn my phone sideways to be able to see the battle button and I ended up forfeiting my first match. But I found it and on to my first battle! But again it didn’t go to well and I got crushed! I do have to say it was fun and I can’t wait to get some more cards and try again!

To make myself feel a little better I decided to buy some packs to open! And that’s when the good comes in!!

And as you can see I got a lovely Gold Epic which I was super excited about and several good rare cards! So all things considered the tournament didn’t go to plan but I did find some great cards to help grow my deck and hopefully help do a little better for the next one! With the help of these cards I was able to get to 619 rating! Slowly but surely I will make the climb out of bronze.

So if anyone as any tips or pointers please share in the comments! I am always looking to get better and figure this out!

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