Higher and Higher!?

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I have not been able to put this game down! The more I play the more I enjoy it! I am starting to really understand the rules and different strategies. It’s a much more complex game then you think it is, then when you first start! I have reach a new high rating of 1423! My daily quest was Water which is one of my favorites so that was a nice easy one.

As it stands right now I really need to level up my Light and Fire summoners, then they will all be level 2. Which I have found to be a huge help in moving up the leaderboard. Very excited for the season to end and see which cards I receive and can level a few more up! Also probably going to try out a tournament tomorrow!

Also I just set up my gaming computer and would like to start streaming this game and/or make some videos on it. Any tips, tricks or ideas for either would be greatly appreciated! Planning on parts of the donations or money earned from steams would go back to the viewers by buying booster packs and having card giveaways. And with challenges in game I think streams could be a lot of fun!

Till tomorrow have fun and get out there and win some battles.

Might have a few starter pack codes if anyone is looking to start the game. Few rules will apply 😃

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