Splinterlands Untamed Goodies - Kickstarter Pack Opening

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As some of you know, I managed to raise the money to be part of the Kickstarter project, this time around.
While I am eagerly awaiting the rest of the incentives to turn up on my doorstep, or PO Box as the case may be, I have been opening Untamed booster packs, as I am sure most of you have been too.
Splinterlands 70 Packs.jpg

I got 70 booster packs as a prize and had bought a couple beforehand so I should get some really cool cards later on. I've even bought another 20 packs since, but we'll keep this particular post to what I have ended up with so far.

In order to make this a quality post, I decided to ignore the common cards and start with the common Gold Foil cards.

Splinterlands Gold Untamed.jpg

Biceratops, Serpentine Spy, Feasting Seaweed, Herbalist, Cave Slug, and Tortisian Fighter.

Next up were the Rare Gold Foil cards:

Splinterlands Gold Untamed Rares.jpg

Spark Pixies, Goblin Chariot, Bortus

Lastly, but definitely not least are the Legendary cards:

Splinterlands Legendary 2.jpg

Phantom Of The Abyss, Dark Ha'on, Camila Sungazer, Gloridax Magus

Not a bad haul, and I have opened a few more gold cards and legendarys since opening these but I am happy with what I have so far.

See you in the Splinterlands!

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Did you get any gold foil epics?

Unfortunately, not this time. The only gold foil epic I have is Brownie.

Heaps more Untamed than I have. I've been looking back, stocking up on the Alphas and Betas while I still can. Been rolled by a few of these new cards though, so I may have to dip my toe in soon :)

These are just the golds and legendarys from the Kickstarter packs. The commons and rates aren’t pictured. I am going through my cards and seeing which Beta cards I can afford to upgrade. I do need to boost my summoners, but I am looking at card that is cheap enough for me to dominate the market in. Rexxie would be ideal as I have him on the cap. Vampire and Undead Minotaur are cheap enough but they have a lot of cards. We’ll see.

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