SplinterLand Daily Quest - The journey continue...

in #spt2 years ago

Today the quest are the fire splinter, it's took me 15 games to complete, more easy than i thought, the the new card from untamed 'SERPENTINE SPY' and 'PARASITIC GROWTH'(THe price is rising lol $0.44 for a lvl 1, i need a lvl 3 it's will cost $6) are very helpful...

The rewards:

1x Sea Monster
1x SilverShield Archers
1x Beetle Queen
2x Goblin Mech
1x Manticore
1x Creeping Ooze


Rank 2360(gold 2)
Dec 608

1x PARASITIC GROWTH(I think it's not worth 😰 )

New target 'CORAL WRAITH', two days ago it's worth $1.5, but now it's $3.8 I can't buy for too much


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