I Just Finished my Daily Quest on Splinterlands Today and I Wanted to Show You What I Got and Make a Comparison....

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Over a Hundred Years Ago This Was REAL Money During the Day.............

It Still is REAL Money Today almost a Hundred and Five Years Later...........

This is REAL Money Today Too.........It Is One of The Cards I Was Rewarded for my Daily Quest in The Splinterlands.......Screenshot_2019-11-12 Splinterlands - Collect, Trade, Battle (9).png
Some People May say No that's not REAL Money but I say YES it is.....

This Card Does Have Value to It just as Much as The 1915 Silver Barber Half Dollar has Value to It......

In Fact if I wanted to I Could Currently Sell 2 of My Ruler of The Seas Steemmonsters Non Fungible Tokens in the @peakmonsters Market Place and then Get STEEM Tokens and Then Trade Them for Lets Say Litecoin and Trade That For FIAT or Even For Silver Coins or Bars.............

I Guess The Point I am Trying To Make Here is That We Are Living in The Times When Our FIAT System is Currently Dying and a New System Will Take its Place...........

We Need an Honest System That Does Not Rely on any Third Party to Confine Us Or Dictate To Us What We Can or Cannot do With Our Money............

Are You Getting More Of This Money Just by Participating in The GAME ?
Screenshot_2019-11-12 Splinterlands - Collect, Trade, Battle (8).png
My Daily Rewards Cards that I Received Today.........

Or Are You Getting My Favorite REAL Money to Acquire Which is More Ounces of Silver ?.............
This is No Time to be a Silver Slacker if You Have not Started Acquiring Silver Yet Then What are You Waiting For ??

Silver and Steemmonsters Cards Both of Them are REAL MONEY !!!

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Great article. Silver and steemmonsters are a great combination.

I am so glad most of my Fiat went into Monsters in the past year rather than more STEEM when it was near a Dollar....

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Interesting point. Fiat money has value for the same reason a Steem-monster card has value. Perception and demand. Either "currency" can be exchanged for silver (real money). The virtual card was generated out of thin air just like Fiat money, only more fun.

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What a Great Business Model that @aggroed and @yabapmatt has created

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Silver indeed is real money! Great job on your games, @stokjockey, and has given you a lot of hours of enjoyment on top of it! Have a great day, take care 🥰🌺🤙

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Thank You Ms. Saver for being here to make the FIRST Comment on my REAL Money Post I appreciate It. I did lose a little Sleep last Night and I was surprised to see You. I Hope we can Talk Later and I know it may be a Little Hectic on your FIRST Day Back....... @silversaver888

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