Well This Was a Pretty Good Pack of ORBS. I Have Never Got 3 Rare and 2 Epic All In One Pack. It Must Have Been The Potion

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I Just Got an ORB Pack as Part of my Daily Reward From Buying the 100% Mystery Potion and Look What I Found When I Opened Up The Pack........

A Little Over $7.00 Worth Of Value Currently in The Monster Marketplace, 3 Rare Cards and 2 Epic Cards. I Have Never Opened a Pack Yet Where There Was Not Any Common Cards and as You Can See All 5 Cards Were Better Cards.........
Screenshot_2019-08-28 Splinterlands - Collect, Trade, Battle .png

I Was a Little Skeptical at First About Buying The Potions, but I can Honestly Say Now That I am a Believer !

Thank You Splinterlands for Allowing Me To Show How The Potions Can Make a Difference........

The Only Thing That Was Better Than This Pack of Cards This Morning Was Seeing The SPOT Price of SILVER Making New Two Year Highs in Price (I Own a Little More Silver Than I do of Steemmonster Cards) Shhhh ! Don't Tell Anybody...........

SPOT Price of Silver At The Time of This Posting $18.40 .........

This is NOT INVESTMENT Advice, but Have YOU Started Stacking Any Silver Yet ??

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WoW that was really nice orb pack !! You are lucky man ;)

!neoxag 10

Well done, @stokjockey.

greetings, @stokjockey

its very, very nice, if you look at its prices....

congraatulations aand have a nice day

Sweet pack. If only you could get that every time!!

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Actually I don't Expect this to happen often but You never know............

Cool mermaid healer, Hi-ho, silver is kicking it!👍

Mermaid Healer is a Great Card and I don't use her enough in My Battles, of Course I need to get more to Level Her Up @tbnfl4sun ........

Your lucky and im really happy for you @stokjockey ! I have 0 Luck, because all the Orbs I opened up( over 100 cards) with the 100% legendary potion last week I never got one Legendary card!! I am no longer buying any Orbs, the drop rate is way to low and it really cost me a lot to get ripped! See you on the battlefield! 👹👾👍upped 100% , resteemed
#palnet #spt #battle #neoxian #marlians
Hoping to have better luck with my season end cards!

Thank You for sharing this Experience that you have had with the Potions. It is Good to Know what has happened with Other Potions............@karenmckersie

You have received 10 NEOXAG gift from @zaku-spt!

Please check your neoxian.city wallet.