Steem Monster Daily Quest - June 24, 2019

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I definitely find entertainment value with Steem Monster, but the big question is can someone make any money? The answer is yes.

So to be clear, I really like the game, but I try to not play Steem Monster too much (meaning I don't want it to interfere with my family time and other daily activities).

I usually try to play enough games to win my daily rewards. Today I had to play 9 games. to earn my daily rewards. I lost two battlers and won two that were not apart of of my daily quest.

Today's Reward Cards By Rarity

Today's rewards were better than most, but nothing extraordinary. I was rather pleased overall.

  • Legendary - 0
  • Epic - 2
  • Rare - 3
  • Common - 8

Value Of Today's Reward Cards(based on current market price)

  • Imp Bowman - $0.39
  • Exploding Dwarf - $0.02
  • Rusty Android - $0.02
  • Undead Minotaur - $0.02
  • Javelin Thrower - 0.08 - I will sell this card as I already have a MAX level card.
  • Pirate Archer - $0.09
  • Prismatic Energy - $0.15
  • Brownie - $0.38

TOTAL = $1.15

june 24.png

Estimated Earnings from DEC

I can't remember exactly how many DEC I had before starting today's daily quest, but I estimate I earned between 500 to 800 over the course of 9 games.

With 100 DEC being roughly $0.10, I earned $0.50 to $0.80 as well.

Is it worth it?

I can't feed my family on $1.95 per day, but I am still amazed that I get paid to have fun and strategize on a game I might have paid for free.

Let's just imagine for a moment that I only earned $1 a day. That ends up being $365 a year. Not life change, but not pocket change either.

The big time players are investing a lot more time and making a lot more money off of playing Steem Monster

I want to hear from you!

  1. Do you play Steem Monsters?
  2. What is you favorite splinter?
  3. What is you favorite card?

Thanks for stopping by!

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I cannot remember if you are going after shares of sbi.

If so I buy cards with shares of sbi if you have any cards you don’t want.

Anyway. Steemmonsters is fun. Nice pull today.

I do like SBI. Tell me details either here in the comments or via Discord and I will think about it.

I was excited about my pull today!

I’ll hit you up on discord.

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Hi - thanks for upvote on the last SM post - you gave me some very nice PAL rewards especially, noticed you've gone in quite hard over there, right decision!

Steemmonsters has been a great investment for me, and I have pretty much exactly the same perspective as you do - play about 20 mins a day (my main account is @revisesociology btw) then maybe have a look at the cards market.

It also amazes me what a great business model SM has turned out to be. Not sure about the whole DEC SM voting bot thing, that's got a few people's backs up, but I've decided to start using it to promote my giveaways. Those hundred DEC will give you a $0.15 SM upvote.... sure you know how all that works, it's the best way of cashing them in.

Just noticed you get +10% DEC or playing a gold card too!

My favourite card..... It's the Unicorn, not the best, but I love it.

Hey @revisesociology (@self-track)! I think that PAL is a great project and I was able to buy most of my PAL at $0.03. I just wish I would have bought at least twice as much.

I have made good returns as well with Steem Monsters. I am not ready to get out of the game yet, but I need to start thinking about when to cash out so that I maximize my investment. I still think that is a long ways off.

Thanks for the info about the trading DEC for an upvote. I will look into that more.

Also you get a bonus of DEC for using alpha cards so I usually get more DEC when I win with my Earth splinter (which contains more alpha).

My favorite is Hydra - not the best against Magic attacks but a beast otherwise.

Good buy with the PAL!

That Hydra is a great card but at $12 a card (last time I checked) too pricey for me. Only have one L1 card.

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Fortunately, I did not pay that much per card. The Hydra price has gradually increased since it was introduced.

I play Steem Monsters and I'm in Silver I now. I've been crazy about this game since the DEC system was introduced. Sometimes I need to be careful, because I play too much as you say. My favorites are Life Sprinter and Unicorn. I was able to draw six unicorns so far :)

My current league is Gold I. I can sometimes get to Diamond II with my cards over the course of a season, but that is usually the highest unless I play way too many games.

I have been enjoying the Life Splinter more lately. Armorsmith adds a new element to the Life Splinter.

What level summoners are you using?

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My strongest summoners are from the Earth and Dragon splinters:
Lyanna Natura - Level 8 (max)
Xander Foxwood - Level 5
Price Rennyn - Level 3
Selenia Sky - Level 4 (max)
Daria Dragon - Level 6 (max)

The rest of my summoners are level 6, except for Zintar Mortalis which is level 5. And I don't use death splinter for battles as I rent them out via PeakMonsters.

Ouch... expensive... or did you get in during Alpha when it was cheaper?

I made most of those purchases a while ago when prices were lower. I received 2 Price Rennyn cards and 2 other legendary summoners during the drop, so I sold the others and bought more Price Rennyn cards.

I am trying to not spend too much and gradually grow my deck through SBD and selling off cards I don't need/want.

Dang!!! That is a better pickup then me today. I thought I did good with 4 rares lol two epics is amazing

That is not the norm so I like to share when I get a great pickup for cards. Thanks for stopping by. 4 rares are not shabby.

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