Adelaide Redlyn - Chap 2 Part 1 - Chance Encounters - Also Giveaway Results

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Several bites into the bread Adelaide came to a cross tunnel and stowed her snack back into a pocket before brushing the crumbs from her hands and taking a small run. Mid jump she grabbed a pipe overhead and continued forward along the tunnel.

She rummaged through her pockets and pulled out the ring she had swiped from the marketplace. Pausing long enough to see the ring in the dim smoky light of the torches along the walls. She never understood why they insisted on lighting the sewers, and with magical fire no less. A follow-up thought made her question why magical fire gave off so much smoke. It was as weird as it was useful.

The ring glinted in a familiar silvery way and Adelaide smiled. That would be enough for a good meal or two even after the fence took his cut. Slipping it on, she waggled her fingers and admired the glint for a moment. Her other hand pulled out the small canvas pouch she had also pilfered. It was reassuringly heavy as she bounced it a little before opening it.

Coins from all over the Splinterlands stared back at her, disembodied heads of rulers from the gods know where looking regal and cast forever in ridiculous poses. It was mostly copper and bronze but still, money was money. Now to find a good place to sit and finish her lunch.

A sudden noise in one of the dim side tunnels had her crouched, dagger in hand. The tunnels were very different than the surface, someone coming at her down here meant it was life or death. The guards didn't patrol down here so often.

Adelaide moved closer to the edge of this new side tunnel and peered around the corner, quickly jerking backwards and off to the side. The gelatinous cube that passed out of the tunnel seemed not to notice her. She wasn't sure if noticing things was even something they could do.

Most of the items stuck inside it were junk but near the base of the disgusting thing was a backpack that looked damn near brand new. A quick toss around her revealed an old piece of wire which she quickly fashioned into a hook as she crept silently up behind the slimy mass.

Delicately reaching into the jelly itself, she easily hooked the backpack and just kind of, hung on as the cube kept moving away from her. The leather pack sizzled slightly as the acid kept eating away at it even after it was sitting on the bare stones.

Using the makeshift hook, Adelaide peeled back the flap to open the pack and started pulling anything out that looked salvageable. Whoever this belonged to had met a fate she never wanted to experience herself. Eaten by a slime, how very disgusting and undignified.

Several scraps of what looked like decently nice clothing were already mostly full of holes and slowly dissolving into a sort of linen paste. A dagger that used to have a finely wrapped handle, now only the blade and a metal stump where the handle had been. A boot came out next, almost dissolved away to reveal a skeletal foot inside.

How on earth did that guy's foot get inside his own backpack? she mused silently to herself, that's a hell of a bad day. She flung the boot and the bony foot together into the central stream of brackish, foul water. Best to not get involved in whatever that was.

After a few more moments of rummaging, she found the prize, a fine looking pouch. Hopefully whatever was inside was intact. As she pulled on the bag itself, it disintegrated and spilled out a number of large golden coins. Adelaide's eyes went wide but she wasn't looking at the coins. Instead she was staring at the one of the tokens she had only dreamt of ever holding.

Sitting there amongst the wealth of gold and silver was one of the Tract tokens the wizard's had minted specifically for the companies hired to divvy up the land they were offering for sale. It was worth a small fortune and entitled the bearer to 100 parcels of land and whatever resources were found there.

She forgot herself for a moment and reached out to touch it before she pulled her fingers back in pain as the acid burnt her immediately. She pulled out her waterskin and dumped the contents onto the coins before scooping them up and sitting down breathlessly.

Adelaide's mind raced. Was it illegal to have one of these if she hadn't paid for it? She had heard the wizards were making the tokens transferrable without all the extra paperwork involved in most transactions. Regardless, Adelaide now realized she was the richest person in these sewers right now and had a sudden feeling of vulnerability.

Scooping up the coins and the token once the water had nullified the acidic residue, she pocketed the coins and hurried off down the tunnel.

She had to get to Marty's right now. He had beds and a fire and most importantly he would know what to do. Because she certainly didn't.

The young woman pulled herself up as she grabbed the coins from the ground and moved quickly down the tunnel and out of view, no doubt eager to examine the Wizard's Token more closely. A lucky find some might say.

The figure in the shadows pulled its hood back low over their face and seemed to smile as they faded from view, moving back down the tunnel towards the guest that lay in their cot.


Does Adelaide:

A) Go immediately to Mary's without delay.

B) Take a scenic route to calm herself a bit.

C) Double back and search to see verify what happened to the owner of the backpack.


Without context:

A) Blue

B) Green

C) Red

This result will be used at a time in the future and is without context to test how fun these choices will be.

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Great Story Tanzo! Very exciting and full of suspense. You had me laughing here- "She wasn't sure if noticing things was even something they could do".

I choose B: Take a scenic route and calm down, not sure if she would even trust Mary's with that tract token, it's too valuable.

Bonus Choice: Red

Maybe the bones in the backpack belong to the scale doctor? 😮 AND the shadowy figure must be the Grim Reaper? I think so,..he's definitely up to no good, that I know for sure!

I suggest you go back and read the Derian Kell Choose The Path... there may be some answers there for you ;)

specifically this one:

but that is also in the middle of the story... so check it out if you are interested

I really enjoy your way of writing, @tanzofett. It's almost like I can séé everything happening.

So, the assassin's foot has been located again.... 😂

With such a valuable item, maybe she should get straight to Mary's. Can't risk losing it again, right?

Bonus choice: A) Blue

I'll say C. and C.

Hi! @tanzofett, I loved the story.

I choose: A) Go immediately to Mary's without delay!

Thanks for the prize, my splinterlands account is: marianaemilia

Thanks for sharing! - @marianaemilia

Great story, you are super creative and talented!

so 149 points this time... that's a Rare card to give away in the next post!

Choice A -> Head straight to Marty's
Bonus Choice -> Red
the purpose of this choice will be revealed in a future story, keep those eyes peeled.

I'm late to the party, but I would have gone with A, "Go immediately to Mary's without delay." anyway.

then all is well! :)
late never bothers me... I'm just glad you read the story
very appreciated