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Cooling Winds

Over the last week, Beluroc has been subjected to frigid winds out of the South. The result has been several livestock deaths in the outlying farms and an upswing in scarf sales. Despite this being a somewhat normal occurrence, there are some in the city who believe there is more to the occurrences than can easily be seen.

Zoriah Cole, cattle farmer and owner of The Finbeck Ranch, has been seen approaching several other farmers and ranchers to form a group to approach the Council of Barons to deal with the chilling winds. When asked what he thinks the council can do, this was his response:

"The Council needs to do something. I may not know exactly what they should do but I've got twelve dead cows I have to find a way to replace. And no one wants to eat beef what was killed by freakish cold winds. Customers already don't want to buy anything of mine, they think it's cursed. Something needs to be done!"

While there are concerns, no current officials have commented on the issue publicly. The Gazette has learned, through contacts within the Council Staff, that the Council itself is deeply concerned about these strange meteorological occurrences.

It remains to be seen what, if any, actions will be taken.

First Praetorian Bank of Beluroc

In an unexpected move, several wealthy financiers have formed a bank near Centre Market with ties to the Praetorian Wizards. This move has sparked controversy concerning the economic and political autonomy of our fair city.

"There's enough talk about these damn Wizards without them having to have a hand in our business back home as well. They already hid hundreds of acres of land from us and then opened it all up and dragged in our youngsters and our coin. The last thing we need is for the Praetorians to come here and continue to stick their fingers everywhere they can."

This was a statement issued by Randall Weast, organizer of the Anti-Praetorian movement currently spreading across the Splinterlands. The group, known informally as Ant-Wiz-a, has been picking up steam of late despite not actually having serious organizational efforts behind it.

Several members of Pro-Praetorian groups have begun accusing Ant-Wiz-A of being responsible for everything from the Azmarean Ink graffiti that has plagued the city for months to the weather itself as part of an effort to make everyone poor. (Editor's Note: paraphrased from sources within several of these organizations, none would allow direct quotes or referencing.)

The political ramifications of these groups beginning to clash has only begun to be seen. The Gazette will stay on top of this and keep all of you informed.

Young Boy Raises Money for Mom

In an impressive feat, a young boy, Micael Almonte, raised over 400 silver pieces to help fund a life-saving operation for his mother, Jacinda.

The boy, only 9 years old, worked in a number of mediums to accomplish his goal. He spent time cleaning yards, hauling coal for that forges and running errands for neighbors. In addition, Micael was seen selling handmade clothing and home baked treats at a small stand out front of his house. When asked how he accomplished all of this, Micael said the following:

"Well, I just kept working as hard as I could and made as much money as I could. My mom is sick and needs my help."

A simple statement, simply spoken. The reaction, however, has been mixed. A large contingent of people, while still acknowledging the impressive feat this nine-year-old has accomplished, have also excoriated the values of a country that lets situations like this happen. Clancy Firden, leader of Humans for Humanity, had this to say:

"Micael is an impressive young man who loves his mother very much, there are zero people in Beluroc who would ever deny him that. But the fact that Micael HAD to do this so his mother could get the treatments she needed is deplorable. Beluroc is a wealthy city with infrastructure to accomplish these goals, why don't we? Why does the Council of Barons drag its feet on something as basic as healthcare? Makes you wonder what incentives they get by avoiding this."

Despite the obvious lack of actual proof of these pseudo-allegations, the point stands: why hasn't the Council done more on this issue? Will anything change in the future? We will all have to wait and see.

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