My daily quest rewards cards.

in #sptlast year

Well I didn't get the best cards today but I will take them.

At least I had one epic and one rare card, plus I can use some of the others like the highland Archer and the wood nymphs.

boy it's been getting really hard winning these daily quests now that we're towards the end of the season. The competition really good stuff when everybody is all powered up.

I hope you all had fun playing for your cards today and I hope you got a lot of DEC.

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I got to play this. Looks fun and can make profit. Win win!! Thanks for sharing!

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Yep, it's pretty cool, I got some extra cards I can give you if you play!

That's seriously cool of you! I will let ya know as soon as I have a starter pack

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Hey buddy do you have a referral link for steemmonsters? I will use it if I grab a starter pack.

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Actually got a promo pack from one of the steem monster team but I am now in the game!!

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I got One of Those Green Monkey Cards in my DQ today............

They use like 1 mana right? Gotta love that, sometimes you need the filler like the green blob dude!