Are You Getting Your Whale Vote from Team Possible?

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Are You Getting Your Whale Vote from Team Possible?

Did you know, that as well as being an awesome, and inclusive, Splinterlands Guild and Discord Community, Team Possible also have a curation trail to support our members?

Now on face value, this curation trail, with approximately 1200SP effective Voting Power, doesn't really sound life-changing does it? But this is where we can look a little deeper.

Unless you're pretty new to Steem, or have been living under a rock for the last year, you've probably heard of Steem-Engine and the various Tribe tokens that are housed there, and that the strategic use of appropriate tags means you can be rewarded not only with Steem, but with other tokens at the same time.

This is where it gets interesting, as Team Possible have been accumulating and staking many of these tokens (we currently have 22 different tokens staked at some level), so members also benefit from these tokens whenever the appropriate tags are in play.

Whale Vote And More...

So what's this about a Whale vote? Well at the time of writing, Team Possible has over 129,500 SPT (@splinterlands) tokens staked, placing us comfortably in the Whale category of SPT upvotes. Pretty impressive if you're producing Splinterlands content.

In addition to being an SPT Whale, we have an Orca sized stake in UFM (@upfundme) and Dolphin stakes in PAL (Palnet), STEM, GG (Steemace) & INT, and we're seeing growth in the other tokens weekly as well.

But wait! There's more!!! In addition to all these tokens, the curation trail is followed by a number of accounts which are also heavily staked in a variety of tokens.

Now it is important to note, that many of the tribes have certain criteria around the content that their token is designed for, so before you start throwing around tags left, right and centre, it is strongly recommended that you check out the tribes for any rules that are in play, after all, you don't want to be downvoted for inappropriate tag use.

So what are you waiting for? Get on board and stack those tokens!!!!

Suggested Tags -
spt, palnet, upfundme, bilpcoin, neoxian, marlians

Contact us in discord at: and get to know the Team Possible Guild!


Is it actually possible ! :D
But a curation trail sounds interesting.
Are you guys using a 3rd party to use for curation ?
Kinda dont want to manually vote every day

If you use SteemAuto, you can choose to follow the Team Possible voter, which means whenever @teampossible votes on an account, your vote will follow.

In order to be on the receiving end of the votes, if you ask nicely in the Team Possible discord channel, then there's a strong chance you can be added.

Please do not upvote comments like this it's not accepted on the bilpcoin network

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yes we use steemauto's curation trail! @teampossible ... and thanks for stopping by @bumper! :)

Yes I am, thank you :D

That's good to see Ash!

Cheers!!! :D

Thanks for the information.
I am in discord channel for more then three Months but not knows team possible has a trail.
I have not used any if the trail but it's sound interesting.
Thinking of joining the trail (please guide).

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You have been added @guurry123! Now all you have to do is use the appropriate tags for your content :)

Thanks ☺

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Im the beneficiary of this trail😂😂😂 no wonder how can I get all strange tokens while I only use 3 tribes' tags for my posts. I need to create more spt's post too

When you upvote on a post that the other tokens are used😊.

Yes... I like the benefit of upvoting other posts to collect some tokens too

yes, you should definitely do more SPT posts Cici :D

I follow this trail with 5k of upfundme, and 2k of bilpcoin.

#upfundme was started to crowdfund projects it is now a pretty open ended tag with an an upvote bot and daily lotto you can spend you ufm on if you would like.
#neoxian is also a general tag that hosts photo contests among other things.
#palnet is general tag too
#bilpcoin was started for music,money, crypto gaming and life... they have an autobot that votes all bilpcoin posts as long as you aren't blacklisted THE PRICE OF THIS HAS DOUBLED IN LAST MONTH

I use these 4 tags for all I post.

#marlians is another I frequently use

Tags I use for splinterland materials
#steemace is for gaming and if you hold these tokens vested they will give you a small kickback in steem every month

You're the best RE! :)

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I guess I should see if I am LOL. I'll make sure I get these added to upvote.