My favorite element, death. "black dragon"

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After dominating the earth for centuries, it was time to rest.

The black dragon, a fierce predator equipped to be the bestial of its kind, but its danger in the magical spells it evokes, dominates time and earns life points for each attack, is agile to dodge attacks and empowers itself with more points of life. I have dominated for 100 centuries in the plain of the earth.

Each millennium must rest, that is when men managed to imprison, inside a cage immune to their spells and so small that they could not open their wings. For 10 centuries it was forgotten, its existence became a myth and then a legend, and in the dark lands I wait and wait ...

Until one day, a strange invoker approached him and told him about the monsters of Steem and his release, if he accepted, it would allow him to take revenge on humanity, but he had to participate in the tournament.

Since then, the Black Dragon fights for the element of death.



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