Maggots in the death Splinter of Mortis

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Heya Splinterfam's,

After two days of constant struggle, I finally won a battle using Maggots Oh yes

So let's get started. You guys might have been wondering why am I so happy to announce it like that? So no need to be surprised let me tell you why. I wanted to win one battle using Maggot in order to participate in the #splinterlands weekly challenge SHARE YOUR BATTLE Weekly Challenge!. But the story twist is I didn't have Maggot at such level where I could use it in my battles. The reason is my current league is #Diamond2 and y'all know in the diamond you get paired with maxed decks. I have 2 maggots one is common foil and the other one is gold foil. So now there was a need to upgrade my maggot. I didn't want to miss this week challenge as I already missed a previous week challenge because of Pit OGRe. I don't like this monster and I didn't have in my fire collection so there is that.

I decided to upgrade the gold foil Maggot. I purchased 8 BCX maggot to make it Level 6. Because at level 6 it has Scavenger ability and this ability is OP.


So this was the behind story of Maggot Now Let's talk about this week challenge. This week splinterlands Theme is Maggots. If you want to participate in this challenge then you have to create one post using maggots. I have provided the post link up there you guys can look at it.

What is Maggots?

Let's get to know about her from the point of view of the splinterlands.

Maggots can typically grow out of old food, a result of the laid eggs of flies. In the death Splinter of Mortis, however, maggots simply wriggle out of the ground. It’s as if the entire surface of Mortis is one huge piece of rotting meat. This phenomenon has yet to be studied by the scientists of Khymeria, Lyveria or Azmaré, but what interest have the living in the deadlands?.source

My Battle using Maggot


Battle Link

Ruleset of the battle


I was given Super sneak (All melee attack monsters have the sneak ability) and Lost Magic(Monster with magic attack may not be used in the battle) along with 14 Mana cap.

My opinion about this ruleset

Usually, people hate low mana cap rule because you get panicked while selecting up your team but I am always ok with low mana cap. Since there was a rule super sneak so I was 80% sure my opponent will use fire deck and he/she might use exploding dwarf so I set my lineup according to that.

My lineup

I chose Daria Dragonscale because I had to complete my quest with dragon summoner otherwise in this low mana game I would have let it go.


I used 2 Mana but very useful SKELETAL WARRIOR in the first place. I used it because of Low mana cap and since there was no magic rule so I used it without any fear. This monster has Shield ability which reduces the damage from melee and ranged attack.


I used Maggots in second place. The theme of the week. First of all, I would like to thanks splinterlands for making me upgrade this very useful monster. Yes, when you people will watch the battle then you will know the worth of this untamed monster. This 3 mana monster comes up with opportunity ability. Opportunity ability is one of my favourites in which monster can attack from any position and target the opponent monster with the lowest health. Then at level 6, it got another amazing ability called Scavenger. In this ability, the monster gains 1 max health each time any monster dies whether it's your team monster or your opponent's.


At third place, I used the CREEPING OOZE. I wanted to reduce the speed of my opponent's monster's so this is why I used it.

I used SKELETON ASSASSIN in the fourth position. I really love this monster because of its sneak and poison ability. Since it comes up with fast speed so in many cases it attacks first. If the poison does work well and on time then this monster could be a match-winning monster.

At Number fifth position, I used the FURIOUS CHICKEN. Ok, there is a question why did I use FURIOUS CHICKEN at this place? so the answer is I had this thought in my mind that my opponent might use exploding dwarf. When exploding dwarf attacks it produces a blast. So I used furious chicken here to deflect the blast.


I used CURSED SLIMEBALL in the last position. I used it because of its redemption ability. In this ability when a monster dies it does 1 damage to all the enemy monsters.

Will I Use Maggot again?

Of course, I will since I have upgraded this so I am going to use it where it is needed.

Did my strategy work out?

Yes, very well when my opponent's monster died because of redemption so maggot gained 3 max health. And it was a very clear win.


That's all for now. See you all around. All the images and logos credit goes to @splinterlands and @neoxiancity.

Splinter warrior of the Neoxian guild


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@xawi, I am reading your right ups about @splinterlands. Although I have been around here for a while but only recently started playing. I consider myself a noob and learning the basics of the name. I am no stranger to card games though, and played a whole bunch of them (both physical and digital) all my adult life. I see the potential in steemmonster games.

I only recently qualified for the Diamond league and recently went of a shopping spree for the cards. Previously, I got the gold league down very well, but as I just only qualified Diamond, it is a big learning curve for me. So I am scavenging the blockchain for battle tips and strategies. I think someone like you should write a lot about battle strategy because you are naturally talented on this subject.

For example, I read about your post on KRON THE UNDYING, I just purchased him yesterday. Today I had the opportunity to test him for the first time. The first one I won, but the second one I lost :) So I liked it a lot that he is not invincible:

The battle I won with Kron

The battle I lost with Kron

What do you think about it? Your analysis...

You can write about it as a post too, just as a suggestion, because I think that will be valuable content.

I appreciate your help and insight as always. Oh, and here is my Kron, to show off :)

Oh damn, level4 Krom=n awesome. yes, Kron doesn't work well in certain rules I will be watching your battles and will try to write ana analysis post. Thank you so much for the nice comment

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Keep doing what you are doing! I will look forward to more battle content from you :)


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I just watched your battle! Whoa. It really uses that scavenge ability at higher levels. All the battles I've seen so far don't yet have that ability... but OMG. If you are bored, some of the battles already entered this week are INSANE. Watching them practically take out entire teams (well, the end of each one). I watch one yesterday that killed (finished off) 4 out of the 5 opponents.

I find this card was a hidden (slimy) gem. I was simply curious about how to use it. I'm glad I got others playing around with it too!


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