My Little League Battle For The Splinterlands Weekly Challenge

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Heya SplinterFam's

I am here with another Splinterlands Weekly Challenge SHARE YOUR BATTLE Weekly Challenge.



Combat Rule Little League + Fog of War

Battle Link

As you can see I was given Double ruleset little league along with fog of war. It's been always fun, entertaining when you have to play with 4 mana or lesser mana monsters. It's the pretty heartbreaking aspect when you get high mana cap for little league :P Yes most of the time I get 99 mana cap for the little league battle but this time it was just 30 so it's ok. Yea, I feel bad when I can't use maximum mana.



Why did I choose Daria?
90% of the time I prefer to go with Daria dragon scale when I get the little league ruleset. I have a reason for this. I choose Daria with the Life deck so it makes 95% of winning chances if your opponent is not coming up with their maxed lineup. Another purpose of using Daria is my life summoner Tyrus is only level 6 so he can't summon level7 rare monsters. As you can see I've used Crystal Werewolf as a defender. I like Daria because she is very competent and skilled. And most important fact about her she looks like a fierce warrior with beautiful looks, so there is that: XD

My LineUp

I used Crystal Werewolf in the first place because it has thorn ability along with Silence. Thorn ability is one of the best ability any monster ever have. When any melee attack monster hit this ability it gets back the damage of 2 life. Silence ability reduces the magic attack of enemy monsters. I used to use water splinter in Little league but when I saw my opponent is using Crystal Werewolf so it was a total disaster for my magic attack then I realised if you get little league ruleset then go for life deck with dragon summoner.


At second place I used Manticore because of its reach ability plus it has thorn ability too. So, in short, I tried to play safe. Yes If my Crystal werewolf gets killed soon so I have Manticore which has an ability to attack the enemy monster from second place and also can be proven a good defender too.

Divine Healer

I used Divine healer in the third place because it has two very important abilities the first one is Tank Heal Tank Heal heals the decent portion of life monster used in the first place each round. Next, it has Slowability` which reduces the 1 level speed of all enemy monsters.

Defender of Truth

Oh yes, when it comes to the safety of your monster then you think about armor. So this is why my next chosen monster is Defender of Truth. I used a defender of the truth because of its amazing speed plus its magic ability. It gives plus 2 armor to his all friendly monsters.

Fiendish Harpy``

I actually love her. Just look at her amazing abilities. It is a 2 mana monster which makes her even more special and its Opportunity ability is amazingly amazing. I love to use her, due to its low mana cap and its high speed. Since it has Opportunity ability so it has the ability to attack from any position plus it attacks the opponent low life monsters.


Finally, last but not the least multi-talented PeaceBringer. Apparently, it has no ability but it has amazing ranged attack ability along with high speed. It brings peace for your team because it attacks the opponent monster with his 4 ranged power( full power packs attack :P).


Did my strategy work out?

Yes, of course, it did work pretty well and as I have mentioned up there that 95% of the time I win this little league battles with little changes. Yes if Daria is not active during this ruleset then I go with my Life Summoner. Everyone wants to win because we all love winning, this is why we all go with our best teams on the battlefield.

This is all, for now, happy splintering :P


Warrior of #TheGuildOfNeoxian


All the dividers and gif credit goes to @splinterlands and @neoxiancity

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Looks great!
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