Untamed , My favorite cards desing.

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Hello Splinterlands lovers, Untamed are finally here and there is so much battle to math and very interesting strategies to create, the new card are not just interesting with their new abilities and skills also the desing is so amazing and bring you a lot of understanding of Splinterlands universe.

Those are my fist favorite seven of the seventy untamed edition cards

From the other site of the world to protect the forest in the battlefield, a princess who brings full protection with triangle and tank heal and also can attack monsters with her spell.

This princess describes the power of the mother nature, reminds me that we came from the natural and we are part of the earth.

She is ready to protect and also attack those who are hurting her friends while she is healing them.

Nature can be beautiful but also has the strongest power known,Life.

Death splinter brought to us the most fashion design of a card that I can see, Contessa L'ament.

The only one who can be the evil and defeat the Prince Rennin and Selenia Sky and all the range monster of all Splinterlands.

Her mask is a show of thinkness, what she looks like, is she beautiful or she is the ugliest lady ever with the most amazing clothes.

Death cannot be predicted, it simply comes and is able to steal the light to permeate its dark presence.

The one who obtain her powers staring at the sun, the amazing blind dragon summoner, Camila Sungazer.

She takes the power of the all mele attack monsters, there is none one like her kind even is holding a sun scepter, maybe is a dragon rider of a shiny dragon.

Also easyly fight with any summoners in occasions had defeated the great Archmage Arius, maybe he is her father,(they´re look alike).

Brave is the last option in the battlefield, our life s in danger and we must have to fight.

The personified fire, Fire Elemental. Powerfull, beautifull the amazing fire herself.

This artcard makes my senses blow up, is the most illustrated fire been ever, also has the most incredible abilities, blast, affliction and redemption.

Fire can destroy all on their path and also can bring the most incredible warm in cold days.

Sometime people can sacrifice for other and even die at the attempt to save others life.

The deep of the ocean hide unknowing monsters with the most weird characteristics.

The phantom of the abyss a glowing blue eyes creature with unique abilities.

His design is like an water siren-elf with strong hand ready to destroy that could be a nightmare in the battlefield.

He can fly( of course is a phantom), dodge, demoralize and if it was not enough headwinds.

Water hide so many secret, all we know is without it we not even could live.

Splinterlands needs the truth, that´s why truthspeakers exists.

She is ready to be in the battlefield even she is not fighting is protecting all friendly monsters, cleansing from any negative effects the first position and healing.

The purple light around her is so according with her white priest dress and her mouth looks hidden by a thing maybe she has many tongues to talk.

The truth can be painful, but it´s so important than is able to protect us.

Splinterlands has mysterious monsters and this one is a total mystery.

Without no element ,she is capable to reduce magic of the enemies, well maybe all the splinter are her enemies.

Elven Mystic looks like she used to be a life priest of but the become rebel and learn dark magic by herself.

This is an amazing card with a magic power on her hands waiting to defeat anyone who against her.

What is the meaning of life without mystery?

I love the new UNTAMED cards, What is the card design that you love?

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Thanks dear, I really love this game so much.


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Ohhhh!!! This post is sexy!
I love how you formatted. I love the images you created. I love your thoughts on all the things!
I upped your vote to 100%! Thank you so much for sharing to Twitter and Instagram.
Great job!

hahaha, Sexy, I love it. The new UNTAMED card series is really cool. All cards are like a story of the @splinterlands universe.

Wow that's way cool where did you get the large versions of those they are way cooler than what are on the cards themselves.

I made them, If you want I can give you the phone wallpaper of them.

I made them, If you
Want I can give you the phone
Wallpaper of them.

                 - yonilkar

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