Became a buyer again!

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Earlier today I bought roughly 1,241 STEEM!

That is a lot! I remember buying 5 times less STEEM with the same amount I used today. And even less during the hype.

It's not the first time I say I check STEEM price quite rarely. Actually yesterday was the first time I've seen it below 20 cents, to give you an idea.

If I'm looking at the market now, I would have been better off waiting for a few hours, but hey, there is no such thing as perfect timing, and in my eyes, STEEM below 20 cents became very interesting to buy again. Just as for others it seems a good option to dump (in significant amounts).

I powered up 1,000 STEEM for the first time in quite some time. Before my decision to buy, I was going to hold until after HF21, and take some decision based on the effects it will produce. But I decided not to wait, since regardless of the effects, I will still be here. I might just as well better prepare myself for what will come afterwards.


I also bought 100 beta packs on Splinterlands! This is the biggest purchase I've made of beta packs in one go, and it gave me an additional 10 free beta packs, which is pretty cool!

With the rest of STEEM and some extra I bought a little over 45,000 DEC at market price, because I used mine to purchase some cards earlier this week, and with those DEC I bought 1 brilliant legendary and 1 brilliant alchemy potions (which give 500 charges each for 100% better chances to drop a legendary card + 100% better chances to drop a gold foil card when you buy a pack of cards or when you receive reward cards - that is my attempt to explain the two potions to people not familiar to Splinterlands). Then, with the two potions active, I opened my beta packs!

I forgot to take some screenshots, sorry about that!

I obviously haven't opened as many legendary or gold foil cards at once ever and felt like a kid in front of the Christmas tree gifts. :)

Then it was so nice to see how many of my cards could be upgraded and the new benefits that were unlocked at the new levels!

Next I will decide what to offer for rent on PeakMonsters besides what I already have there (and is already producing some ROI). But that seems like something to keep for my gaming account, this part of the post may already be too gaming in-depth for the non-gaming audience on my main account.

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