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The crypto marketcap has just broken 300 Billion again...

Screenshot 2020-02-12 11.41.57

Now this is good news. We are slowly moving back up to nice levels and are hitting resistances one after the other.

One thing I did notice was this:

Screenshot 2020-02-12 11.44.33

Do you see it??

I will wait a bit...

Its really significant

saw it??

Well if we look at Marketcap and BTC price at All time highs they are roughly on the same time.


300 B vs 835
10k vs 20k

If we move up now to 20k and the all time high of BTC the marketcap would only be 600 Billion.

And that means that the rest of about 200 Billions worth of value should in theory be caught up by the ALTS to achieve that same value of 835 Billion

So that shows a lot of promise for products and tokens and coins who are on the cusp of releasing new versions, who have a lot of development going on that is showing results around about now.

and here I really have to think about STEEM as a possible recipient of new money inflows.

We really have a lot going for the blockchain

Very important here is that most of this is independent of what Steemit Inc is doing.

So are you ready? Waiting for that paper value to shoot higher?

I know I am eagerly watching the whole scene and I am liking what I see.

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It's just great innit!

innit just!

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