My first post on Splintertalk - UNPACKING

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Hello friends

I have at my disposal 300 unpacked decks of UNTAMED cards, and of course potions were bought!


I unpacked only 5 decks - I don’t know, there is some difference in unpacking them at an early stage or better to unpack them gradually.

Who knows, tell me the cards are predetermined in the deck in advance or are they randomly drawn?

Let's see what we got after unpacking ...






One legendary and one gold - a little, but so far only 5 have been unpacked (I won’t draw any conclusions yet)

Let's see our "math"...

Packs Checked - 5
USD - 12.455
STEEM - 104.610
SBD - 20.867
DEC - 14743.134


I got these statistics using the package analyzer tool - which was kindly provided to us by @reazuliqbal, for which many thanks to him!

You can read about it in his post: Some Splinterlands Tools and Personal Achievements

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Nice pack openings. That's a fine legendary I don't have yet. 😁

I updated the tool yesterday. Thank for using it. :)

Yes, the card is good - especially after I just unpacked another 5 packs and all 25 cards are the cheapest and pulled only $ 5 - I was a little disappointed - in the evening I want to write about it. I have a question for you - yesterday @zaku-spt posted a post and the data from your program in his handy table, but I had to take a screenshot since simple copying does not help. How do I get the data to insert into the blog in the table? @reazuliqbal

Untamed is a gamble right now. Those cards have good stats but if you consider the supply they won't worth much now.

I think he probably copied the HTML table from the website and used or similar tool to create markdown table which can be used in the editor (btw HTML also can be used).

Great - thanks for the tip - I'll try