Hey YOU!!! Yes you. Do you like shiny things? And STEEM! Well, get yourself some physical STEEM memorabilia before it's gone (which is 4 days from now)

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I don't really know what to say about this because it seems to me I see posts about this all the time. But I guess there are people here on steem that have not heard of the pure silver STEEM coin being minted by longtime Steemian @raybrockman.


This is one ounce of 99.9% pure silver with the STEEM blockchain logo stamped into it. If you love (or even like) #STEEM, #Steemit, #Steampeak, #Steemmonsters, #Steem-Leo, #eSteem, #steem-engine, #tribes, #whales, #orcas, #minnows, #tuna-melt-on-rye, #plankton, #teamaustrailia, #teamwales, #teamcanada, #teamusa, #witnesses, or anything else, then you will love this silver coin.

It costs about $20 usd and can be paid for with crypto INCLUDING STEEM!!!

Buy one here

EDIT: resteem this post and win a free STEEM round. See the details HERE

I will draw a winner on 10/15, 4pm PST


Appreciate the post My Friend. SSG4LIFE!!!😎🍻

It's my pleasure @raybrockman. Like you, I cannot understand why more steemians are not bying these. I also happen to know this is a labor of love for you and you are not making a cent off of this project (I would guess you are probably in the red but, none of my business). The point is a sweet piece of STEEM art that anyone can hold in their hand so even if I was not into collecting silver I would want one of these.
Well, thanks again for taking this project on Ray. I certainly appreciate it.

Between the shitty payouts and the downvote trail assholes, this place is a ghost town. What a shame i really like some of the people that left. Glad our core is still kicking.

What a contest, nothing to lose......U Da Man

@tipu curate

People should keep in mind, that Silver is about to do a Moon Shot and Beyond...

Fifty Dollars in "Sound Money" will remove and replace 5,000 Fiat Dollars...
October 11, 2019... 18.9 Hollywood Time...

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Hmm. Did someone say #tuna-melt-on-rye.😂🤤🤣

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Still here...still stacking....and I added one more Steem 2019 round!!😀

Awesome job @summertooth just got at least another three ordered and tryi g to get more advertising over on YouTube! Thanks for the great work brother!!!

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Nice! Thanks dwing!

Still waiting for #105 to show up in the mail. 🤞

Have any idea when these are going to be shipped?

Not a clue.

I sent an email a month ago inquiring about when it would be shipped. I got a reply back telling me that it was still in production and to check on Ray Brockmans steemit page for more information. I looked on his page but didn't see anything about a shipping date. He hasn't posted anything in several days so I don't know. I sent another email today but haven't heard anything back. Once (or if) I find out something, I will let you know.

Ray replied to my email on October 31 and advised that the minting process should be completed in about 2 or 3 weeks and then they will be shipped to him for distribution.

I don't often resteem things..But when I do.. It's to hopefully win some awesome silver!

Right on @klye. Good luck!

Oh man. I really want one of these older one. Cant wait for my 2019's to arrive as well. =)

Yeah, I hope they ship soon.

Does anyone know when they will ship?

I don't know @bluelightbandit but if you are in the steemsilvergold discord just tag @raybrockman, 8 bet he has an idea.

It's cool they accept crypto, and silver is great, but more than $40 USD for an ounce is hard to pay. Those who are into collectibles may indeed appreciate it, though. For me, I can get ounces of 999 in hand for under $25 CAD, so if I can afford to save it will probably be that.
One reason this isn't selling well might be that STEEM is so low right now. Nobody wants to spend their STEEM when it's this depreciated. I think people are hoping it goes back up out of the bottomless pit before they spend it.

Good points @Drutter, I used STEEM last year but this year didn't even consider it. Well, if STEEM does make a comback in price maybe I can flip one of my rounds for more STEEM? Fingers crossed.

🏴‍☠️ You've chosen to use the SPT tag on your post and it's not related to Splinterlands. #ihavedownvotedforthisreason

I thought it was SteemPeak Token (SPT) it was an honest mistake. There are lots of tokens and I am trying to understand. You didn't even give me a chance. #ihavedownvotedforthisreason

Thanks for your reply, no problem just make sure you only use where appropriate 😄