Dr. MUSIC POP - Music Synchronised Electric Massager

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Music Synchronised Electric Massager


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Hunter's comment

Dr. MUSIC POP is a new type of electric massager that can be used for stress relief and pain treatment. The best part is that the vibration of massager can be synchronized with the music you are listening using the app, giving the true relaxation feel.





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ahaan, i love this device :3 , in face i was looking for something like this, suffering from sever tension and anxiety, hopefully it will heal me.

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What an Idea. This product will massage whole your body while listening music. For enjoyment and relaxation this is cool concept.

Hah aha! =) The kind of stuff that I could do with this LOL... oh my!

Now seriously... I am very tempted to order 2 of these... I was literally staring at the page... for 10 minutes... The reason preventing me, it's only one... not the best time for me to make some expenses... otherwise... would be a done deal.

@hamza-sheikh what a cool hunt. It is true that moving according to music rhythm and beat can help us relax with its flow. This is interesting and can try out to make our movement not jerky and yet at the same time get that needed massage. Great hunt.

I never thought about physical music therapy. This concept is nice. Especially for people who love music can get relief easily. Nice find!

It's been a while I've seen a totally new concept of product 😂
Love their idea!