YOGGI BALL - The All-in-One, Whole-Body Massage System

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The All-in-One, Whole-Body Massage System



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YOGGI BALL is a complete massage therapy system. It features dual detachable balls which three speed vibration, acupoint therapy and heat therapy system, to provide pain relief like never before.








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Great hunt @hamza-sheikh! This hunt has been verified and approved by the Steemhunt Moderation Team. Great job! Happy hunting.

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I think most such home use massage products end up being a waste of money. I am very skeptical of this one as well.

so cool just love it. ultimate fitness ball i thing would love to try this out. screenshots are showing how much it will give you relaxation while massaging

Massage is way to keep our body and mind relaxed and reduce the pain too. I find this yoggi ball quite good in terms of multiple types of massages. Good find

This is what I need the most for self-massaging. It seems so reliable and flexible to use. Its super easy handy tool for massaging the whole body. Otherwise, I have seen many massagers in the market which specific to the part of the body, not the whole one.

Nice Hunting!

Good massage really relax your mind and reduce stress level and diminish pain. YOGGI BALL is a nice way to get relief from pain. Easy to use. Small in size. and portability make it ideal to use anywhere.
By the way what is the price of YOGGI BALL.?
Nice hunt

I am suffering pains due to my multiple sclerosis and I think this is going to give me very good results when I will start use it , I saw the uses and I see many kind of use of this product. Really thank you for this

This is a complete massage package for your needs. After a long working this would be useful. It will help us to do full body exercise at home. Superb! Kit.

Yoga is important for our health, and we all know that, but we don't know how to do that, and what products we should use which help them in doing YOGa, This YOGGI ball is looks to me very cool as it help us greatly in our YOGGA session.

therapy system is really helpful for those who want to take an easy way to do. It's also useful to relief from body pain. This looks so nice and a perfect solution.

After heavy workload peoples needs to get a good way to take proper relaxation. It could help them out easily. Hopefully this this therapy system can solve this matter. Nice hunt.

WoW it looks so compact and effective massage tool, i really like it coz it allow users to attach different attachment with ease for whole body therapy on top of that it is also effective in pain relief, soothing self massage and rapid healing & recovery. Another pros is that it can be used standing, sitting or lying no matter where you are which exactly suits a modern day lifestyle. Awesome Search

Awesome ONE!
It is really a helpful device that will help us in our daily life. Due to bad life style and sitting posture we need to face so many problems. It will help us to do full body exercise at home. Superb! Kit.

I want it. If it is also useful for man as well. Because as an IT guy I spend most of my time in front of Laptop and it may cause certain problems. like bad body posture, body pain etc. this kit will help us to be flexible.

Great Hunt! Seems interesting Massage system for your body that will relax your mind and give you relief, will be useful for all but especially for old people to provide instant pain relief to them nice hunt

After work load. You need some relaxation and this one offers great to relax. Nice search

This work nicely to reduce your stress. Amazing product for relaxation purpose.

Wao what a great and amazing hunt. I think everyone need this massage ball because everyone needs relaxation. You can back from office and stress to take masasage and feel to much good. One main feature is this machine gives your whole body massage. Really very cool hunt. Thanks for sharing.

Who would of thought something so small could help in so many ways, not only is it's size great which can also be it's downfall considering how to look at it but the YOGGI BALL also comes with a heat therapy system, this is great for those who are in pain or feel stiff as it helps many parts of the body.

Our life is full of stress and because of hectic work schedule we often feel tired. This ball is great option that provides various types of massages which will help us to keep our stress down and relax our body.

That's a nice idea that one device can provide massage to every part of the body. But to be honest it doesn't look very comfy. But surely, it looks promising. I would love to know the price of such a thing. Nice find!

Wow those people suffering pain in his /her Body hope they choice this therapy ball .cause this kind of therapy is very essential for human body. Overall nice .thanks for share.

@hamza-sheikh, this yogi ball looks interesting. It is good to know that I can just use one ball to massage the entire body. This saves space and easy to bring along for travel. Cool. will get.

This is very important health service. well health very harmful life. so well health are very need it is.

This might look small but I could feel how effective this would be on the body. Great find

This is really amazing
I always complain of body aches.
This is going to save me a lot if I get my body massaged

I think yoggi Ball may ball may become good solution for people who want to relax but can't visit massage cabinet every day!

Get this amazing ball that Makes you feel good and relax irrespective of the pain or stress you've been through. Nice one

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