PolyMath - Fun mathematics puzzles to improve your skill

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Fun mathematics puzzles to improve your skill



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Hello friends, presenting here in todays hunt for people who love to improve mathematical skill. The app name is PolyMath. The app is available for both ios and android user. Game interface will really help to develop kids interest in Mathematics.

The PolyMath App serves mathematical games that are intriguing and fun through mathematics gamification




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I'm always happy to see a great puzzle game. Polymath is made for mathematics festivals, math circles and math camps etc. This is the best type of ice breaker for a social situation (I'm the silent type and I'm good at math) So I consider Polymath to be a great way to socialize.

it's also going to be very fun. I have had much fun with https://www.quizup.com which focus on all sorts of trivia in general. You should check it out.

What are the topics of the math of this math and what is the minimum age requirement to learn on this app?

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Interesting hunt @kamchore! I've heard of PolyMath before, but the one that I am aware of is a securties token offering platform. This looks like a good way to help with math. Thanks for sharing and have a great day

Math puzzle is really helpful to improve our logical thinking and thus brainpower. And this puzzle is not that boring. I think people will love this. Nice find!

Math puzzles are always fun.


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