KUCHE SOL - The World’s Most Artistic Smart Hand-Inductive Kitchen Light

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The World’s Most Artistic Smart Hand-Inductive Kitchen Light



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KUCHE SOL is your personal smart light artist that elevates your kitchen lighting experience to an exceptionally aesthetic level. It’s super easy to control, install and adjust the brightness, while it brings more than just light but aesthetic experience to your life.

KUCHE SOL is an intelligent light for your kitchen. It has adjustable brightness and timer control. It has an inbuilt alarm to serve as a cooking timer.
It can be turned on and off by gestures in case your hands are busy.




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This kitchen light looks great. Ladies are gonna love it as it turns kitchen into a smart kitchen.
The gesture control is awesome, plus the option of alarm for cooking reminder.
Overall a unique, smart and useful Product

Ever been in the situation where your preparing a meal but you start to run out of natural light but your hands are too dirty to flip the light switch on? Or for me waking up in the morning to only a bright light in the kitchen and so my favourite feature is a can adjust the brightness level of the KUCHE SOL.

Do you know what?
A dark kitchen is not cool at all because accident are likely to occur.
This is a really good hunt and I think it is a great idea.
Thanks for sharing

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I never got mine and creator never replied to my messages, a total bust