It's Official

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I'm A Dolphin 😁

I finally made it to dophinhood after 1 year and 7 and a half months. Woot. Woot!!

I actually made it a couple of weeks ago but I didn't get my "official" confirmation until this morning. 😊


It's been a long old haul and I'm pretty surprised I even made it. There were many times, especially in the early days, when I felt like giving up.

The first 8 months were the most fun and also the most frustrating. @abh1234's engagement league kept me busy and making new friends and @juliank's daily photo contests gave me a focus which was a huge help when starting out.

I got very frustrated with the inequalities in the earnings and the flagging wars etc. but, as time went on, I just accepted that Steemit was going to be no different than the wider world and got over it.

I blogged and curated my way to my first 1000 SP but then I made my first fiat purchase and realised that that was one hell of a lot easier. Although, for the most part, the frustration I felt regarding all things crypto in the early days, still remains. 😢

I have been fortunate to be able to make more purchases from time to time and slowing but surely crawled my way to dolphinhood.

The drop in the price of Steem has helped tremendously of course. The most I every paid was for my very first trade back in March 2018 which was $1.68 and the least was $0.185 last week.

I'm hoping the price will stay below 20c so I can buy a bit more tomorrow.

So what's in store for me next?

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

way out.jpg

Ugh. Dunno!

I don't imagine I'll ever make it to the heady heights of Orca and I'm not sure how much blogging I will be doing once HF21 kicks in on the 27th.

I may focus more on the creative stuff (which was what I came here to do originally) with an eye on #creativecoin.

I will continue with my @acitfit posts as I think that particular token has a rosey future and the steps are good for me. 😁

My main focus currently, however, is in Steem Monsters (aka Splinterlands). I have yet to do the numbers but I think I've already made a good profit there. I was sure of this last week but I've since bought a load of packs and, so far, am operating at a $90 loss on those. 😢

I'm looking at it more as a long term thing though as I expect the value to go up and cover that loss at some point . . . and . . . I have a few more packs to go so there's still time for a couple of good cards that would make all the difference.

I've been earning DEC through the Daily Quests and Steem and DEC in tournaments but this may well be the last season I do so. It's getting harder and harder to be competitive and I lack too many of the newer cards not to mention the shortage of skill. 😂

And, more importantly, I don't really enjoy it.

On a better note, I've started creating passive income by renting out a couple of accounts through @tc-poymath's Herons initiative. I'm hoping I'll be able to use the new cards I've bought to create another one of those.

Ultimately, that is my primary goal, to somehow create passive income and also maintain the great relationships I've already developed here.

Who knows what that will look like next year though? If you'd told me a year a go I'd be playing Steem Monsters I'd have laughed my socks off! 😂

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Congrats on becoming a dolphin!🎉

Thought you always did a great job in the tournaments (you did way better than me😅)?

Thanks @guchtere.

The "secret" to the tournament is to sign up as early as possible so you can bet a bi in the first round. Then you often only have to win one round to be in the winnings. 😁

hehe are you seriously telling me your trick @gillianpierce!? Thank you 😍
Gonna try that next time, only problem not sure when I'm sleeping or not 🤔

not sure when I'm sleeping or not

It doesn't matter. Just sign up for the free ones as early as you can if there's a chance you might be awake for them. It doesn't matter if you don't check in.

There usually get added every couple of weeks at the weekend. 😍

Feeling a bit guilty about it... Tried it this week but didn't make it into many tournaments. How many do you miss?

PS. Nice fight today! 🙃

No need to feel guilty. I think people are happy when other players don't turn up. Gives them more of a chance! 😂

I'm not sure how many I miss. Lots. I sign up for as many as I can and then just play when I feel like it.

Took your advice today, 1 played, and missed out on 1 because of taking a nap. Not feeling guilty at all. Thank you for that😘

I'm not sure how many I miss. Lots. I sign up for as many as I can and then just play when I feel like it.

How many tournaments do you play on day you think?😅

How many tournaments do you play on day you think?

It depends on which ones are on and what else I've got on.

I didn't play any over the weekend or Monday as it was a holiday here. Yesterday I played 1 I think and missed on in the evening due to HF21.

Today I have played 2 and will probably play another one this evening. Depends how tired I feel. 😁

Keep your eyes open on Sunday because that's most likely when the next batch will be added.

congrats dolphin gillianpearce

Well thank you kind sir! 😁

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thank you!

Congrats on the new level!! That is a worthy accomplishment and a goal to which I aspire :D Keep going and get that Orca LOL

Thanks @tamaralovelace. Now is a really good time to work towards your dolphin goal. I think an Orca may be pushing it a bit though. 😂

Maybe you'll get out in front of a tsunami and it will just push you to Orca 😂

Sounds a bit risky for me @tamaralovelace, since I'm a dolphin I could maybe swim through it. 😂

#creativecoin, @actifit, and Splinterlands - This is plenty to keep you going i'm sure.

Congrats on your Dolphin badge :D

Yep. Plenty to keep me going. 😁

Well done! Congratulations.

I've made it to Dolphin just a few weeks ago... and now I'm already at 5150 SP! 😋
I never got into Steem Monsters. And I'm glad I didn't, since I already waste enough time with Steem as it is. I can't afford to waste any more time. 😂

Thanks @trincowski and congratulations to you too!

I've spent a lot of time on Steem Monsters that's for sure. Even managing the cards take quite a bit of it. The less I play though and the more I get the cards sorted the less time it will take. At least that's the plan.

I'm dreaming of a day when I'm earning passive income and just doing a bit of maintenance. 😁


Thank you @gtg. And for the generous upvote. It's much appreciated. 😍


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thank you for the cake helpie. It's been a while since I've seen you. 😍

1 year and 7 months? Thats crazy! Well done! I hope to join the ranks soon and with the price going the way it is now, shouldn't be too long i'm like 1000 short! Lets hope the new dolphins and orcas will be here to stay and not just to cash out! :P

Good luck with it @chekohler. It sounds pretty doable if you're only 1000 short with prices as they are.

I won't be cashing out. I've never powered down and have no intention to. 😁

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Congrats on the new level!! That is a worthy accomplishment and a goal to which I aspire :D Keep going and get that Orca LOL

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Thanks @fotosdenada. 😁

Congrats, I keep meeting you in the Monsters arena, and you beat me as much as I do you now. Can't be that bad at it?

Mind you I'm playing 3 accounts at the same time. It takes some concentration to do that.

Mind you I'm playing 3 accounts at the same time.

Ah, that explains why bingbabe always seems to be playing at the same time as you then? I was picturing you both sitting side by side on the sofa, whiling the evening away with a bit of Steem Monsters.

I couldn't really imagine it though to be honest! 😂

Ah.., yes we do seem to play each other often. It makes more sense come end of season, many more cards.. but you do have to buy a starter pack for each account, and it does get testing keeping all three going. Lots of DEC though! is not at the same level, being in Silver somewhere usually so you are unlikely to meet that opponent.

I do get to play myself sometimes, @slobberchops vs @bingbabe. That one comes up more than you would think.

I play an account in silver too for Team Possible, but I don't remember ever coming across chops-support.

So much depends on timing in how well I do. It's handy playing accounts at 2 different levels I find because when gets stuck the other is usually more playable.

Do you have any lgendary summoners?

Do you have any legendary summoners?

No, I'm trying to be a cheapskate and not buy more cards. I have put a lot of STEEM into SM already, and want some kind of return.

Have you?

I got a couple in the packs I bought recently but so far, that's an overall loss if I take into account the potions. I need a few GFL to make it profitable. They are still in an "empty" account so I can track exactly what I got in return for my money.

Not sure what I'm going to do with them as I don't think they are very rentable at Level 1.

I'll probably end up doing my usual thing and HODL them due to indecision. k😂