Bitcoin on verge

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Hello guys. bitcoin is trading at 7500 level. What is the next move?

For the long:

  • The price has been bounced back from 6500 level quickly back to 7500 level, making a potential fail break but the price will need to go back to 8000 to confirm that
  • bitcoin has been consolidating back to EMA, a good news may help push the price a bit higher

For the bear:

  • A general downtrend continue
  • The price is consolidating at the rebound level and would be more easy to push the price lower at this point.

Let see how it goes!

Screen Shot 2019-12-09 at 2.34.03 AM.png


love seeing u do technical analysis!

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love you

Thanks for posting from 🦁

It will be interesting to see what btc decides to do next. I’m eagerly waiting :)

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