Another day, another 8 cards on the pile

in #steemmonsterslast year

Well I've certainly had better pulls from the quest rewards recently, but I guess you can't have a gold or a legendary card appear every day.

I use the Creeping Ooze a fair bit, but the rest are quite rare team selections.

Not too bad as far as time spent today, a little under the average I think.




Wow! Look at all those crappy cards... lol
I got piles of those myself :0/

Haha yeah! I was trying to be polite about them but really, a bit crap!

I couldn't go without the Ooze, but the others are only decoration in my deck. I don't think i have ever used that goblin :0)

I've used it a few times with Fire and 'melee attack from any position'. As long as Goblin isn't attacking thorns that double hit boosted to 5 is pretty sweet :)

Maybe I should give it a chance... one day.
Lol, now I've seen the supply of unopened Goblins is pretty low, it looks a lot more attractive 😉