New All Time High For Accounts Playing Splinterlands- First Airdrop Almost Sold Out!

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Hey Splinterfans! So, you might think my favorite number in the game is marketcap because I post it all the time, but that's not my actual favorite. My actual favorite is number of accounts playing! Normally I look for all time highs at season ends, but boom BABY! We're still a day away and just hit a new ALL TIME HIGH! 2783! I can't wait to see what happens tomorrow cause it's a season end, Kickstarter is going, and people are coming.

How do I know people are coming?

I blinked and we have a total of 94,000 packs of UNTAMED going out. Once we roll over to 100,000 anyone buying them off the site won't get the first airdrop. I can't believe how fast these went. Honestly, this 100,000 sold faster than the last 100,000 for Beta. That's remarkable to me!

Anyway, players holding cards should smile every time they see more accounts playing! Congrats guys and keep it up!!!


Oh, if somehow you haven't been paying attention then check out our kickstarter. It's flying! It's 4X goal!!!

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Smashing it.

greetings, @aggroed

excelent, man!!!

It's better to pledge on the Kickstarter site unless you want to pay with crypto, your card won't be charged until November 7, 2019, at 9:11 pm

Go with the $2 over pledge to $200 and you will get a max level chain Golem and a gold one (totally worth it for these tanks)

I didn't realise this was happening... but chucked myself down for the $45 pledge. Looks like you've absolutely destroyed your goal already.

Yeah this is exciting. I am publishing this comment only FOUR hours after your post, and the number of packs is already down another 1,000 (to around the 4,000 level). I assume they will be sold out well within the next 24 hours. Just curious about the nature of the airdrop. Will it be a drop of ONLY the one specific card in each "character-based" phase of the sale, which is then retroactively applied to the number of cards someone has bought. So, for someone like me who purchased a 100-pack promo batch in the first pre-sale phase the drop will be calculated using an algorithm on those 100 (+10 free) packs? And will this SAME algorithm then apply to each subsequent batch? Will the change of getting follow-up airdrops FALL if we only buy the one 100-pack promo during the first phase of the pre-sale, partly because the supply of purchased packs will increase with each phase? Will buying ADDITIONAL 100-pack promo batches increase our change of airdrops in the coming phases of the pre-sale, or can we be relatively content with purchasing a 100-pack during the first phase? That is, if - like many of us - we are on a budget? A post with the specifics on this would be much appreciated, since this info would also help us all make a more informed decision about the cost and benefits of purchasing additional 100-pack batches during the remainder of the pre-sale. Thanks.

Damn this is awesome. Congrats guys!

Just got in on the Kickstarter! 💪🏼🙌🏼💯

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It will be very cool once the FIRST Air Drop Hits @aggroed


I pledged 45$ before 100k packs but didnt see counter on the site increase. Hope i m in first airdrop.

If people pledge on the KS after the first 100k packs go, do they miss out on that first airdrop?

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my understanding is that even if the packs go past 100k all Kickstarter pledges will be entitled to all 14 airdrops

I want the physical card set, but I am too scared to pledge the US$200 because I don't know what my financial situation is going to be by November 8th.

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I'm playing it right now. It's been great and have found myself playing it or wanting to everyday.

As long as the balance is maintained between too much running on rails gameplay with subtle tactical and strategical development to the game, I'll stay hooked!!!!

Althought starting out sux when you have minimal DAC or any resources to buy more cards with. Grindy, but still nowhere near as grindy as other similar games and their take on in-game currency, levelling up etc.

I've been playing MTG for over two decades. Played Hearthstone to death when it first came out and abandoned it after all the ingame quests and reward goals got too tedious. Or moreso difficult if you hadn't pumped cash into virtual cards to be able to keep competitive and in the metagame.

I really hope this game can squeeze between all the shortcomings that previous trading card games suffered from and end up in it's own special place. I think it's already so far ahead to be unique and present its' own offering that I really, really, really wanna see what awaits.

Hi, @aggroed!

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Its completely amazing that so many UNTAMED packs sold already. Beta FOMO just ended and somehow the community still manages to put a bunch of cash together to make the Kicksterter a massive success.

Its truly amazing what yous have created. I enjoy watchings the growth of Steemmonsters and will continue to do so with its ongoing progression.