Steem Monsters/Splinterlands - Some Cards for Rent - Monday Missions Entry

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Renting cards may be an interesting option, both for players who want some different cards in their team without having to spend much money, and also for those who would like to earn a few bucks from their cards without having to sell them.

I have decided to begin exploring the game's investments side, and since I feel bad about selling my cards (even the ones I don't use), I've chosen to begin by putting some of them for rent. Most of them are low-level cards, which means they will be worth it only for starting players who need variety.

Below are the cards I have put for rent:

Alric Stormbringer, Enchanted Pixie, Lightning Dragon, Hydra and gold foil Animated Corpse

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  • Alric Stormbringer (beta edition, level 1, "Rare" rarity). Summoner from the water splinter (summons monsters of the water element). May be rented from 7 up to 30 days, for 0.006 USD a day (no escrow fee).
  • Enchanted Pixie (beta edition, level 1, "Rare" rarity). A Monster that uses magic and is neutral (may be used in teams of any element/splinter, unless a match specific rule disallows neutral monsters). May be rented from 7 up to 30 days, for 0.006 USD a day (no escrow fee).
  • Lightning Dragon (beta edition, level 1, "Legendary" rarity). A dragon that specializes in ranged attacks. May be rented from 1 up to 30 days, for 0.005 USD a day (no escrow fee).
  • Hydra (beta edition, level 1, "Legendary" rarity). Uses melee attacks and has the "Heal" ability. It is a neutral monster, which means it can be used in any splinter (unless a match specific rule disallows neutral monsters). May be rented from 7 up to 30 days, for 0.005 USD a day (no escrow fee).
  • Animated Corpse (gold foil, beta edition, level 4, "Common" rarity). A monster from the death splinter that uses melee attacks. Since it's the gold foil version, it already starts at level 4. May be rented from 7 up to 30 days, for 0.01 USD a day (no escrow fee).

I don't have much that's really special to put for rent, but I'm considering adding some alpha edition cards and maybe a few other gold foils, as both alpha edition cards and gold foil cards increase the DEC earned from battles, and may be something that players might consider when looking for cards to rent.

I intend to use my rental earnings either to rent cards myself, or to buy cards that I'd like to level up. Since the earnings already come in the form of credits in PeakMonsters, it should be easy to use them to rent or buy cards directly from there.

At the moment I write this, the Hydra card has been rented for 30 days. All the others are still available, and may be rented at the PeakMonsters market.

This post is participating in the Qurator's Monday Missions competition. Each week, participants must write about a different theme, and the theme this time just so happened to be Splinterlands. It came right when I was going to write about my cards for rent, and this post became my entry. The contest is open to all Steemit users, and the prizes are upvotes and QuratorTokens (tokens that give us daily STEEM payouts just for having them).


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Very cool ! Good to know you could rent 1 of them quickly, I was afraid it would be hard. I'm also thinking of doing this.

Just one of them was rented, though. I believe it may be harder with low level cards. Still, the cards continue being ours and we have nothing to lose. I think it's worth trying.

Hi @aiyumi, Thanks. I tried another day, but I fumbled to choose the price, I want to get cheap to be rented quickly and was trying to see how much other cards were being rented, but I lost too much time and had to leave, will have to try again.

I try to put a lower price too. I also think checking prices is time-consuming, so I usually only do one card a day.

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I feel the SAME WAY about selling my cards!
It's almost like I'd be abandoning them... And I just can't.
Thanks for playing and sharing!

Awesome! Thank you for the curation! :)

And I feel even worse about burning cards, even if they're those "lesser" reward ones.

Good idea. I have Only rent out to friends before. Lets try this!

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Yay for passive micro earnings! :D

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I'm happy that I earned 2 Q tokens with this post! I've been delegating 250 SP to them for a while, and getting 0.05 Q per day. The daily STEEM payouts are indeed great.

This post gives you a lot. Big upvote and Token. Nice work !