Steemmonsters giveaway n. 2 - deep in the graveyard

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Hi fellow mates in the Splinterland,

today is the time of a new giveaway; the first was from the firetop of the flaming mountain so this time we descend deep in the graveyards

so strong in life, born from a beautiful maiden and a raging bull, cursed by an old evil witch to an everlasting painful unlife full of sorrow and battles

he will not rest, he will always fight

with a simple comment you could earn the double stomping minotaur

if you like to tag a friend or resteem to get more people involved I will be grateful (not needed)

remember that @cryptofiloz have already gited to the community more than 100 giveaway, so stay tuned with his posts --)

having @clove71 join us will be top --)

see you in the game!!!!


Consider me in

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you are the winner

Oh... thanks a lot for a kind words my friend!
This is a great card for melee only battles..
tagging @koskl

Oh, yes.. put tags "palnet" and "spt" in your future posts.. you will receive PALcoins for sure.. ;)

Thanks for the advice

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I could do with another minotaur, if you can power this one up it can be a real beast

I would love to get this card. Thanks for the opportunity!

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Sorry all i am abroad so i will pick the winner when i come back home Sorry for the delay

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