"Splinterlands" Gracefully Enters Its Next Phase of Greatness

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Am I a verifiable Splinterlands fanboy? You bet your ass I am! It's the "killer app" on the STEEM blockchain that just seems to go from strength to strength. And within the last couple days, this awesome game has kicked it up another notch. The Guilds feature has been introduced. And as slickly as you'd expect from the utter brilliance that is the duo of @aggroed and @yabapmatt.


Suddenly, alliances are forged from pools of pure vengeance. Oh yes, those players who'd eat you for breakfast and spit you out could very well now be playing on the same team as you. These avenues of exploration via this unique feature are very exciting indeed. The top 10 guild spots are already almost impossible to get into, leaving the competition fiercer than it's ever been before.

This last season also came to an end today and has now opened up afresh with some interesting new changes. First off, the "Battle Rules". There's two of 'em! Talk about shaking up the climate of Splinterlands. Just when it was assumed we'd mastered the game and that little inkling of complacency began to shine through, the reset button has been slammed down hard! The new mechanics mean hundreds more card strategies are required to stay ahead of the pack. A very welcome addition to an excellent game. I can't begin to tell you how impressed I am.

And lastly, I've noticed that the DEC earned is way less. And will continue to do so as time goes on. Therefore, in terms of holding on to that precious community tied into the plains of Splinterlands? Well, I'm all over that shit! Saving up and stashing away as much DEC as possible seems like a solid move, from my personal point of view. And the crazy increases in price on **Steem-Engine" only further add credence to the fact that this in-game token is as value as any card out there. Again, just loving it!

So, yeah. This is the invisible roadmap that the team behind Splinterlands is unveiling to us all, bit by bit. Being as pumped up as I was, I couldn't help but snatch up a "Peakrider". Was wanting to pick one up for a while. And I feel this is still only the beginning. There is so much more on it's way that I simply cannot wait to find out. The first true implementation of a "business" model on the STEEM blockchain. And oh, what an insane success story it's turning out to be!


Hope you enjoyed this post, please look out for more on the way... (author: @ezzy)


What I like most about the game is we don’t see countless posts telling us why the game is great like please support splinterlands bla bla bla! It’s great because people enjoy playing and that’s the bottom line

I think more dapps need to focus on the enjoyment of the service first and the money second

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I think more dapps need to focus on the enjoyment of the service first and the money second

A-Goddamn-men, brother! :)

Given the millions of DEC burned for Guilds, I am not surprised to see that increase in price! So many ways to engage and earn while having a blast is so awesome!

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Totally, bro. And you're right in the thick of it too. Well done in doing so well in the game. :)

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