One line tips (Steem monsters) For newbies

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(source - @clove71)

  1. Stake the coins that you get, on steem engine wallet - the extra coins help you to power up and also get dividends along the way
  2. When playing, refresh the page if you are coming back after a short interval. This is to avoid any lag from the internet provider
  3. Do not choose cards randomly and make sure you choose cards till the mana limit is filled up
  4. If you do not have the 0 mana chicken card, buy it
  5. Buying a card is better than renting because if you intend to play for a long time and are dedicated, does it not make sense to level up your own card
  6. Playing in the lower league does not necessarily require a high-level card deck even though it might help sometimes. What is required is a skill and an understanding of the game.
  7. Make use of the time allotted to choose the card and recheck the chosen cards because you could make a better decision by replacing a card or two
  8. If you feel you have chosen the wrong summoner, you can refresh the page and choose another provided time is left
  9. Make sure to study other battles and try to understand why certain cards were chosen
  10. It is better to purchase single cards that are useful instead of buying a large number of packs
  11. Make sure you take a few breaks otherwise you will find yourself frustrated and tired at the same time
  12. It will help if you spread the word about the game by sharing on social media and WhatsApp groups
  13. Instead of digging many holes, dig one hole to get water from the well - likewise concentrate on one or two accounts instead of creating nine or ten unless it is done to lease to experienced players across the world
  14. Read discord discussions because many experienced players give tips based on their experience and it could be a game-changer for you

(source - Yonilkar)

I hope to add more tips along my Splinterlands journey



Good tips, @sayee

Thanks :)

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Great check-list!

One addition to point 8): You can simply deselect the summoner by clicking on the little X on the selected summoners icon, which is on the top of the selected team. No refresh required.


Thank you so much for that tip.

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