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in steemmonsters •  3 months ago  (edited)

The packs got ripped open and looted. The first couple battles have been fought and won

Time to trade

I am looking for following cards

4 x


35 x


7 x


2 x


1 x


3 x


2 x


Let me know if you have some doubles you are looking to trade. I am looking to trade 1:1 in the same rarity.

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I haven't seen a few of those. I'm loving the new cards!
Unfortunatly, I'm trying to slowly build so I gotta hold the ones I do have. :)
Good luck to you friend!

same to you :-)

The new cards are pretty cool but also very overwhelming so far

Yes! It's like a new game :)
I was lucky enough to get a gold Pyromaniac worth $20.

The only cards I really need are summoners... I'm stuck at lvl 5 currently.
Enough to get me to gold 1 each season....but I neeeeed moooooore. :)

yeah I am looking to get some alt accounts going but summoners are a problem.

But with untamed there are a bunch of cheaper ones now around

  ·  3 months ago Reveal Comment

Those are all new cards to me. Haven't got any of the new #untamed to even help you out sorry.

If I come across any after todays DQ I will let you knkw.

No worries will get them eventually.

They are all from untamed


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