Splinterlands / SteemMonsters - Diary entry / Tagebucheintrag #61 (29.08.2019) - 2 Gold Rewards

in steemmonsters •  10 months ago 


here are my SteemMonsters stats of today:
hier meine heutigen SteemMonsters-Stats:

Reputation: 3122
League/Liga: Diamond II
Total fights/Kämpfe gesamt: 15
Victorys/Siege: 6
Defeats/Niederlagen: 9
Draws/Unendschieden: 0

Daily Quest: Death Splinter


Latest fights overview:
Übersicht meiner letzten Fights:



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Death quest is hard isn't it.. I got the same logs when I got the death too. But today I got water team and your Rewards are better than my 10 rewards anyway..always nice to see shining cards no matter it is only common cards.

Great pull! What am I typing, it is just an amazing pull!

True, lucky pull 😉