I got a Archmage in a SteemMonsters mystery potion!

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After a long day of work, my day was made my receiving a legendary Archmage from a SteemMonsters mystery potion reward.

This is not just any card, it is a special edition card that can only be found in a mystery reward.

The best part, is that it's value is currently $400. Yes, $400!!!

The high value is because not only is it a strong card, it is also one of the most rare cards in the game!

Needless to say, I feel lucky!

SteemMonsters is the best online game I have ever played, and it's constant player growth proves I am not the only one who believes that! Check it out if you have not already!

Thank you SteemMonsters!

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Woot, woot! That’s awesome 👏. Congrats!🍾

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Thank You Sweet Ms. Saver........You are Very Special Especially to Me.

Congratulations @gank The Best Card.
Question, was it in a Pack of ORBS or just an individual Card that you turned over from the Mystery Potion ??

Individual card.

Thanks @gank for your reply

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Man, seriously, you may want to consider selling that one and buying a boat-load of gold cards to earn more DEC in battles. Or better yet, lease it out. If I got that card I would seriously consider liquidating in order to increase my potential ROI by buying, let's say, TWO pre-sale 100-packs (so that's 200 + 20 = 220 packs x 5 cards/pack = 1,040 cards (plus likely some airdrops). If you open them over several weeks, and make sure to have both the "100% legendary" and "100% gold" potions I think you would actually get a much more useful collection of cards (including lots of gold and legendaries which would likely be more useful in daily battling). I'm not trying to minimize the joy you are experiencing by getting this card, but if you think about it the USABILITY of a Level 4 summoner is substantially LOWER than all of the various power-cards you could get if you liquidated that. Just thinking out loud here as I imagine what I would do if I got that one. As you can see from my new post I got the GOLD "Spirit Of Th Forest" card (~ $130 USD ) recently, BUT she is UBER-USEFUL in daily battles, and so I wouldn't even THINK about letting her go... Anyways, congratulations...

It is much more expensive to max out a gold deck then reg cards. I am focused on maxxing as many cards as possible so that I can stay in the top 50!


Thanks brother!

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Whoa! That's such a coincidence! After buying a 100-card pre-sale pack last night (which we have to wait to open, of course) I felt the itch to buy some new packs, so I went in for a "orb" pack. I bought one orb pack a few months ago, but felt like it would require too much investment to continue, so I just converted the few basic cards to DEC. Then I notice (through gameplay the past few months) that some of those cards are actually good. The, in another stroke of luck, I entered one of the gold tournaments today and actually places 16th and won 6200 DEC! My first gold tournament win. I took that 6200 and bought two more orb packs with that (getting nothing special) but it DID whet my appetite for the orb cards, and I while spending a few minutes browsing all of the orb cards available (on the "market" page) I saw the "Archmage Arius" card you are stating you got today, and I was wondering, "Who could be so lucky to get one of those." - then you post this! Haha! It's been a FUNKY day overall. Do you think it's worth buying a 100-pack, (or 20-pack) orb promo package, using my "100% legendary" and "100% gold" potions? I am considering it...

The Archmage is only available through the mystery potions, they release one every 2 days but not for much longer.

So, just so that I understand clearly, you are buying the "+100% mystery gift" potion (5 charges) every five days (for ~ 6,000 DEC each potion)? And what happens each day? Today I got a message that I have "two reward cards waiting". Are those "mystery" drops WITHOUT the potion? I may be willing to try at least one option to see what happens.

Yes that is what I am buying. It is 6,000 total for the 5 mystery gifts.

Sometimes your gift will be a pack of cards, sometimes just 1 card, sometimes it will be gold foil or legendary charges.

I think your 2 reward cards showing was likely from your quest yesterday, that has been happening to me as well the past few days when i log in, but you are not getting 2 more cards there because you already got them, im sure they will fix that unneeded visual soon.

Cool. I placed - for the first time, and by a stroke of luck - 16th in my second gold tournament last week, and the prize for 16th was a substantial 6,200 DEC! So i went ahead and purchased a "100% mystery gift" potion, based on the luck you have had recently. Let's see what happens... If I do get a massively high-valued card (like the "Archmage Arius" (Level 1) that you go) I would likely sell it and buy additional 100-pack "Untamed" pre-sale promo sets. The two main reasons for that would be : ( 1 ) I enjoy the process of opening the cards (ex. get some pizza and beer and make an evening of it), and ( 2 ) the sheer number and UTILITY of the cards I would get in the 100-pack promo sets would actually end up being worth MORE in the end, when you consider how much you will use all the gold and legendaries into the future. Yes, of course it's nice to have that lovely "Archmage Arius" in your collection to look at, and you seem to have a bit more $$$ to throw around at the game (all power to you). But for me, who is trying to maximize return on a limited budget, I would go for usability over collectibility at this point. Just my personal opinion...

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