Take a chance to win 50 hive delegation for 1 week (New contest that i will make each week))

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Hi players,
Almost a year ago I stopped playing splinterlands but now I'm back. The game changed from how I remembered it ... for better.
The problem is that I need cards to start again and that's why i create this contest. I will delegate 50 hives for a week to a randomly chosen player who will send me a card as a gift to the splinterland account: jacksartori.
The winner will be chosen randomly but the more cards you send the more your chance of winning will increase.
If I see that this contest will be successful I will do it again next week, maybe even the prize will increase.
The winner will be drawn upon payment of the post.


Hey @jacksartori, good to see you back in the game. We're playing constantly yet decreased our blogging activities.

What I see in your deck is actually not a lot of cards to play with. Hope to see you back in our Guild #FHREE.org with some minimal DEC contribution. (1 DEC every week might truly be enough for showing activity, if you're shy of money!)

I gifted you a Parasitic Growth Common Neutral from the Untamed Edition with Card ID C4-193-ATWG3PRKPS. With Opportunity it's a great card, especially for playing with a +1 Meele summoner.

We're presently not blogging, so in case of my win, please delegate the 50 HIVE to @clove71. She's definitely making good use of it for the week!

Have fun!!

Screenshot at 2020-10-25 05-08-25 splinterlands card stats parasitic growth.png

thank you very much, i really appreciate it. If you win i will delegate 50 hive to @clove71 . thanks again.

Hi @jacksartori! Special squad of highly trained hamsters prepared this delegation link for you:
hivesigner 50.0 SP delegation to @clove71.