Having Fun with @team-ccc-monster😄, Silver 1 Now!

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Hello Rumblers 🤗


yaayyy.. Silver 1 is reached!

I got another help from @freedomshift. 20 booster packs and I found what I need to increase the level of Water Splinter especially the summoner, Alric Stormbringer.


only one gold foil this time, the goblin shaman😁

But that's quiet nice for level 3 malric inferno on fire team. Oohh.. No, why do you remember all the name of the monsters?

If you have been playing steemmonsters for 18 seasons, there's no way you couldn't remember it's names 😂


all the alpha, beta, rewards and new monsters from Tron ... I remember what I found in the packs, but not what I never had😁

Yeah... You will remember it after playing the classic line up to a random trial line up to Accord with the new rule sets.


at least I found another tank monster for the fire team, Serpentine Soldier, I don't have the luck to find a Cerberus.

Why you need Cerberus when you have pit ogre? Pit ogre has 1 speed which will be good on reverse speed rule set, but it still can be crashed down easily by clay golem from life team and sea monster from water team or flesh golem from earth team. But for standard rule, you need Serpentine Soldier following by Cerberus as back up while you use sneaky monsters to kill the damned air elemental or peace bringer on life team.. hehehe.


after combined and level up the cards, I can easily collect the DEC now.

It's not easy to battling and rumbling around silver 1 without legendary monsters, but you always have a chance when you understand who your opponents are 😂 I remember my opponents name and their last line up 🤣 because they're bots and I figured it out while playing with other decks.


at least I can collect more than 20 DEC on every winning now.

I still have the "keep your distance" rule set with low Mana, especially when I have fire Splinter quest. I hate earthquake rule set with low Mana cap too, especially when my quest is lyana's call😎😎😎 the only flying monsters on earth team is the monster I don't have, Eva, The Spirit of the Forest. Though I have that peace giant and prismatic energy, but it's hard to complete the quest when you don't have an air elemental on life team.

But, that's fine😁 because we can forget about the quest for a while and play with anything available and suit for the rule set.


you can't have anything and you don't need to complain too😁 when you spend nothing but time on playing the deck.

Hello there Newbs 😃 if you want to know how it feels to play steemmonsters and you don't have your own starter deck, why not playing the community delegated deck like @team-ccc-monster? You can build your own deck through it.. but off course not instantly 😋 be passionate and be patient too, just play and have fun while trying to earn the promising future token, DEC or SPT and other tokens through the games.

Aahhh... thanks to #ccc members and @teampossible for a wonderful supports!

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This is a great post with lots of details.

Thank you for playing and managing the #ccc community account❗

This gives a good yardstick and picture of what it takes to play @steemmonsters at this level - the cards and investments - let alone the time and skills required.

Thank you.. and you can have all the Dec in that account for you.. to help inah too😉

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