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Hello Splinter Land roamers!

I have been a #SteemMonsters player for a few weeks now. I started on it a bit late but I got a taste for it and slowly I am building my DECK!

Today, in the begining of a new Season, I am starting my #steemmonsters #dailyquest post!

So here...we...Go!

Daily Quest


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Rising Death - Win 5 Battles with the Death Splinter.

Starting Point:

20190716 7.png

I Started in Bronze II League, and nearly 35 DEC.

Ending Point:

20190716 8.png

I finished in Bronze II League, and ** 63 DEC.


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Sea Genie (Gold Foil, *4)


It took me a good effort to get this quest done! What would you advise me to use with the death splinter? What Combos work well?

Steem on!

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