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Upcoming Matchmaking Changes

in steemmonsters •  10 months ago  (edited)

Yeah, this should be a great change for your "team". Maybe now that you don't have to be matched together, you won't feel the urge to help yourselves to some good old fashioned strategic and targeted surrendering on the final day of the season and win all those juicy booster packs and rewards at the expense of your guinea pig "guild mates" accounts. You know, like that time when the shit hit the fan when you all got busted for doing exactly that, and then you all went into damage control overdrive, to squirm your way out of it, by using your deceptive lies to cover up your bullshit and then making sure that another players account was left idle to slip out of the top 50 and all of your team accounts all made the top 10 and top 25. Remember that?.....I bet you don't, since you would prefer to keep that quiet and then pretend none of it ever happened. But of course it did! The very next season, you all did it again! So thank you very much for using your delegated player to cheat me out of those packs and rewards. The prissy little community queen thought that I wouldn't notice. I would suggest that all the "principles" that you constantly talk about and spam everywhere, suddenly just vanished (cough, cough). You sure do have a healthy dose of convenient amnesia that sets in at the just the right time.

But at least you can still use other peoples accounts to screw them over and steal rewards from them, when they are offline and not watching, and make it look like they were the ones who surrendered to you. I guess that's how it works in the monopoly beeyou guild, where you only look out for your own entitlement above everyone else. It's ok though, nobody knows about how it all works, so we will just keep it between ourselves. I mean, how could anyone possibly know, when it's an entire protection racket made just for you. You have some great cover at the very top.....especially since you are part of that 'top' with your special little admin powers that you use to cover yourself and then exploit to silence anyone who dares speak about it.

Congratulations are in order, and I hope you enjoyed screwing others for your own gain! AGAIN..........

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