Rusty Android giveaway!

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Rusty Android.png
Here he is in all his glory.
A free rusty android.
Just enter your name in the comment section.

I know that there is some Bru Ha Ha surrounding Rusty Android giveaways. (Something about not being a quality post)
Honestly, some people function from a basis of lack.

So along with this, I will also give away:

Spirit of the Forest (1).png
A Spirit of the Forest level 1 card.

Just leave a comment if you read this far.

I'll put your name in a hat and draw it later. Sunday 10.00 am New York time.


This is sneaky but also clever! 😜 #listyourcontestwithcontestkings

Steemmonsters/Spliterlands is doing a remarkable job with this venture. I applaud Aggroed and Matt for their efforts. I am comfortable in investing what I have. I do like to point out silliness when possible and to be a gadfly when able, with a grin and humor.

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Do I have to take the Spirit of the forest also? I'm really only here for the Rusty Android.

Rules are rules.

Well if I must, I must.

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Yes, please :)

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Good luck.