Cards Giveaway #5 Rexxie

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Hello Steem Splinters! Another Giveaway for you!


@contestkings official rules:

leave a comment why you want to win, and tag your random friend on Steemit!

no upvote, follow or resteem required. Just comment! @contestkings rules!

Winners will be randomly chosen at post payout! Good luck everyone! First six winners will recieve card in the order the are on the screen!

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I don’t have this card yet! Tagging @tsnaks

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Lol because my deck is shite and I need extra cards so i can start winning more


I really need this card, Join the battle @gatolector


Check out this , tagging @cashfinex

A friend gave me a Rexxie now I want to level up Thanks!

My SM user: javiermurillo

Great Working this card Need i tagging @ariful9551

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Хочу. Знадобиться для апгрейду:)

I do not have this card yet, I'd like to win one. @guurry123 come join!

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I like this card a lot, Thanks a lot

I'm a lucky girl.

@rollie1212, I am interested in this card because i want to collaborate world of human beings with Dragons 🐲.

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I need cards! @kungpaocrypto